Maine Zumba Madam

Alleged Zumba Madam unable to reach agreement in settlement talks

Alleged Zumba Madam Alexis Wright and the prosecutor were unable to reach an agreement in settlement talks Wednesday, although negotiations will continue.

Wright, 30, is accused of running a one-woman prostitution service out of her Pura Vida dance studio in the upscale city of Kennebunk, Maine. According to prosecutors the Zumba instructor engaged in sexual conduct for money with over a hundred men, and at least one woman, and kept meticulous notes of her encounters, including videotaping her “sessions” without the consent of the johns.

Defense attorney Sarah Churchill met with York County District Attorney Justina McGettigan Wednesday for a closed door meeting to discuss a possible plea deal. This meeting took place a week after Wright’s alleged business partner Mark Strong was convicted of 13 misdemeanor counts including promotion of prostitution and conspiracy to promote prostitution.

Wright is charged with 106 counts, including promotion of prostitution, engaging in prostitution, invasion of privacy, conspiracy and various tax related offenses.

Trial is scheduled to begin in May.

Ryan Kerns, Esq., Wild About Trial

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