Drew Peterson

Amid lawyer controversy, Peterson allowed leave to visit dead mother

A shackled Drew Peterson was allowed out of jail to visit his deceased mother at a local funeral home.

Peterson was permitted to visit Darien funeral home on Thursday to pay his respects and see his mother’s body one last time before returning to Will County Jail, where he has been incarcerated for the last three and half years. Peterson was convicted of murder last month in the death of his third wife Kathleen Savio and is currently awaiting sentencing.

Savio was found dead in a bathtub in March 2004. Peterson’s 4th wife, Stacy Peterson has also been missing since October 2007.

Peterson’s mother, Betty Morphey, died Monday at the age of 84.

A hearing is also scheduled Friday to resolve a contentious issue over what attorney will actually represent Peterson going forward. Naperville attorney John Paul Carroll filed a motion earlier this week asking for the conviction to be overturned because Peterson’s legal team, spearheaded by Joel Brodsky, made critical errors in their defense. Brodsky said that he spoke with Peterson this week and he told him that Brodsky would remain lead counsel and that Carroll was not authorized to file any motions.

Both attorneys seem confident Peterson will choose them.

“I said to him, ‘you’re drowning and holding a stone, let go of the stone and I’ll save you.’” Carroll told reporters. Brodsky responded that Peterson reaffirmed his decision to stick with him. “If the client tells the judge he’s not interested [in Carroll’s representation], that’s it,” Brodsky said.

We will likely find out Peterson’s choice at the hearing Friday.

The sentencing hearing is currently scheduled for November 26.

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