Amish Beard-Cutting Case

Amish Bishop convicted in hair cutting assaults seeks release on appeal

Samuel Mullet, the Amish Bishop convicted last year of federal hate crimes for a series of beard and hair cutting attacks, is renewing his request to win a release from prison pending his current appeal.

This time Mullet has filed a 21-page appeal April 23 to a higher court, the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. His primary arguments are that his conditions of imprisonment are cruel and unusual, the judge used an erroneous definition of “kidnapping,” a judge erroneously told the jury that the attacks were religiously motivated, and that federal prosecutors wielded unconstitutional powers to obtain his conviction.

Each allegation by Mullet may yield different results by the Court of Appeals. If the court removes the “kidnapping” element, Mullet’s sentence can be reduced from fifteen years to two years, which could mean he is released.

“The victims in the case were restrained but they were not kidnapped,” said Mullet’s defense attorney, Edward Bryan, in the motion.

If the court finds that the attacks were not religiously motivated then Mullet and his 15 co-defendants could receive new trials, according to Bryan. If the court finds that the federal prosecutors used unconstitutional powers, then the convictions can be overturned and the cases dismissed.

Bryan also said Mullet does not pose a danger to the community and is not a flight risk.

Ryan Kerns, Esq., Wild About Trial

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C. Drerenberger says:

I believe our nation would be better served if prosecutors went after real criminals to rid
Our neighborhoods of real crime. They should use their energies to fight for justice for all the unborn innocent babies and to fight against and expose the injustices of our political leaders.
There seems to be no real concern for the majority of Americans or so it seems, due to the lack of coverage in the general news media. Where are our fighters for freedom today?
As for the Amish community, of course they are not perfect. However, hair cutting and beard cutting do not warrant prison time. What kind of lawyers and judges do we have?
Heaven help us!


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