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Anna Gristina’s ankle bracelet loses power after Superstorm Sandy

Soccer Mom Madame Anna Gristina faced the same problem as many New Yorkers after Superstorm Sandy, her power went out. The main difference for Gristina, who lives on a farm in upstate Monroe, is that she wears a court-ordered ankle bracelet that must be recharged every 18 hours, according to her bail bondsman Ira Judelson.

Gristina pleaded guilty to a single count of promoting prostitution in September after a prolonged legal battle, and under the terms of the plea agreement the court requires her to wear the ankle bracelet until her formal sentencing scheduled for November 20.

“She was freaked out, calling me, texting me,” said Judelson. “There’s absolutely no way she wants to go back to jail. It’s her biggest fear.”

According to Judelson, Gristina had an alternate monitoring plan approved by the Manhattan District Attorney where she must call Judelson every six hours so he can keep tabs on her whereabouts. He confirmed that she has complied with the plan thus far and even calls more often than required.

Prosecutors initially alleged that Gristina ran an Upper East Side prostitution ring, while the suburban mother of four contended that she ran a legitimate dating service. Her story caught the media’s attention when a police wiretap recorded conversations in which Gristina claimed her organization was untouchable because she had police protection. However, a subsequent Internal Affairs investigation could not find any police officers connected with the brothel.

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