Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Arias’ attorneys want venue change for sentencing

Lawyers for convicted killer Jodi Arias want her new sentencing moved out of the Phoenix metropolitan area because of excessive publicity.PHOENIX (AP) — Lawyers for convicted killer Jodi Arias want her new sentencing moved out of the Phoenix metropolitan area because of excessive publicity.

Arias’ attorneys filed a motion Tuesday seeking a change of venue, saying their research indicates 70 percent of the media coverage in Arizona of the first trial took place in Maricopa County.

They also want live television coverage prohibited for the retrial.

“Both the nature and extent of the publicity surrounding Ms. Arias’ case render it impossible that the accused will receive a fair trial in this capital case if it is tried in Maricopa County,” Arias attorney Kirk Nurmi said in the motion.

Nurmi also said the case has received “widespread, unfair and prejudicial coverage” from the Maricopa County-focused media outlets.

A jury on May 8 convicted Arias, 33, of first-degree murder in the 2008 death of boyfriend Travis Alexander at his suburban Phoenix home.

The same jury then failed to reach a decision on whether she should get the death penalty, setting the stage for a second penalty phase.

On Monday, the judge overseeing the Arias case put off setting a date for the new sentencing phase to give prosecutors time to respond to a defense request to obtain jurors’ Twitter usernames and to limit live TV coverage.

That live coverage helped turn Arias’ original months-long trial into a hit on websites and cable TV, drawing hordes of spectators and media to the case.

Judge Sherry Stephens will hear oral arguments Sept. 16 on those matters.

The request filed last week by Nurmi said the usernames were needed so jurors’ interactions with others on the social media site could be monitored during the trial.

He cited an exchange that a backup juror had on Twitter during Arias’ trial and the ability of other users of the social media site to send messages directly to jurors that might influence their decision.

Judges admonish jurors to avoid talking about a case during trial, following media coverage and engaging in social media exchanges while the case is being heard.

But Nurmi wrote that the admonition alone, without the ability to monitor jurors’ social media activity, could affect his client’s fair trial rights under the Sixth Amendment.

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Debra says:

Also, if they were so concerned about media coverage, why didn’t they stop her from doing that interview right after the verdict?!! And, why don’t they put a stop to her tweeting?!! She’s bringing it all on herself because she loves the attention!! Don’t blame the media for this one!!!!

Debra says:

“Research indicates 70 percent of the media coverage in Arizona of the first trial took place in Maricopa County.”

First, that is a stupid statement! The trial was held in Maricopa County so where else would the coverage have taken place. Was the media going to cover it from the next county over?! Second, the media (local and national) are going to be there to cover it wherever it takes place. Nurmi and Willmott are idiots, aren’t they!!

By the way, Nurmi…your client is not “the accused”…she is the CONVICTED murderer. I feel that piece of trash lost her rights when she stabbed Travis 29 times, almost decapitated him, shot him in the head, stuffed him in that shower and then lied, lied, lied and lied about everything to everyone!!

Kay McRae says:

Ms. J had as much to do with the media coverage as anyone. Her behaviour aided in her own demise. What difference would it make now. By the way I do live in the mountains and I still get tv, Internet etc… And it was JA that called my attention to this whole exhibition.

Patricia Nelson says:


James says:

Well, Jodi wanted the publicity, as I correctly remember. Jodi stuck her face and her case in front of the public because SHE, and only SHE, gave interviews to the local news outlets there in Maricopa County. She brought it on herself. I say NO to the change of venue. She made her bed, she should now lie in the bed she made.

Patrica Nelson says:

No way in hell are they going to find a jury that has no knowledge on this trial!!!!! If they do simple minded.

James says:

They’d have to go to the mountains and round up some hillbillies.

Laurie says:

Like this inmate was not apart of that media coverage. I bet if they let this “inmate” do another interview she would be knocking the guards out of the way to get in front of the cameras. Stop stalling, her fate is sealed she is never getting out of jail. they’re just going to change her housing arrangements.

Diana says:

Has anyone monitored her Twitter account-NO! She is guilty and should just accept her sentence and be done with it. Why drag this out any longer.

Tab Chandler says:

Why fuss about it all now, noone held a knife or gun to Arias with all her 48 hours interviews and news interviews she did herself, she brought attention to herself, so why complain and cut cameras now!? She gonna manipulate,lie and keep on trying to ruin and run all til they finally sentence this chick!! Geezus!

Alecia says:

Why is Nurmi referring to her as “the accused” when she’s been proven guilty and convicted already?

Lara Martinez says:

Ha! The media coverage is not what convicted her of 1st Degree Murder with Premeditation and Felony Murder–SHE did that. A new venue will not make one bit of difference. She and her greasy, nasty hair are headed to Death Row. Nurmi is an idiot.

Jessica says:

This broad is hated EVERYWHERE. It makes no difference where the venue is, quit with the stall tactics already and let the murderer accept her fate..


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