Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Arias due in court ahead of September retrial

PHOENIX (AP) – Jodi Arias is due back in court this week as attorneys prepare for a second penalty phase.

Arias was convicted of murder last year for the 2008 killing of her lover in Arizona, but jurors couldn’t reach a decision on a sentence.

Under state law, while her murder conviction stands, prosecutors have the option of putting on a second penalty phase with a new jury in an effort to secure a death sentence.

If the second panel fails to reach a unanimous decision, the death penalty will be removed from consideration. The judge then would sentence Arias to spend her life behind bars or be eligible for release after 25 years. The second penalty phase is set for September.

Arias is back in court on Friday for a hearing.

Source: AP

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Condylar says:

The trial will be recorded but the judge stated it is not to be aired until after the new verdict. I hope she gets life no parole

Linda Hernandez says:

I hope she gets the death penalty, and it has nothing to do with the media from the first trial it had all to do with the evidence that showed an was proving that she Premeditated his Murder.

Brenda Gent says:

She did not get a fair trial! Shouldnt have been televised – it was an ongoing soap opera for all of the judgemental people out there; unfortunately for her it was her life put on display. Give me a break, Travis was far from angelic! You treat a woman as badly as he did…what did he expect?

Linda Hernandez says:

She did, get a fear trial what are you talking about?
She is a murderer and she is not the victim here the victim is dead.

Ben says:

Is it going to be on TV? Last I heard CNN filed to be heard on the matter.

Moon says:

I don’t understand why she doesn’t have to await her sentencing in PRISION instead of JAIL. Regardless of DP, she was convicted and should have to wait in prision!

Rocky says:

What the hell does it take to kill a demon?


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