Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Arias judge bars public from witness’ testimony

Jodi Arias sits in the Maricopa County Superior Court room of Judge Sherry Stephens in Phoenix, Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014, as the opening statements in her penalty phase retrial begins. The 34-year-old Arias was convicted of murder last year, but the first jury was deadlocked on whether to give her the death penalty or life in prison. (AP Photo/The Arizona Republic, Tom Tingle, Pool)

Jodi Arias sits in the Maricopa County Superior Court room of Judge Sherry Stephens in Phoenix, Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014, as the opening statements in her penalty phase retrial begins. The 34-year-old Arias was convicted of murder last year, but the first jury was deadlocked on whether to give her the death penalty or life in prison. (AP Photo/The Arizona Republic, Tom Tingle, Pool)

PHOENIX (AP) — The judge in the Jodi Arias trial has barred the public from watching the first witness called by the convicted murderer in her bid to be spared the death penalty for the brutal 2008 killing of her former boyfriend.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens says that the witness would not testify unless the hearing was closed to the public.

She declined Thursday to reveal the witness’ identity.

The judge says her decision to close the courtroom and seal the witness’ testimony until the sentencing trial’s conclusion is necessary for “the administration of justice.”

The discussion among the attorneys and judge over the issue was conducted in private.

Chris Moeser (MEE-sir), an attorney for The Arizona Republic, argued that the First Amendment allows reporters to attend the hearing.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP’s earlier story is below.

Siblings of the man murdered by Jodi Arias tearfully told a jury Thursday how they are still traumatized by his killing six years ago, recounting a litany of nightmares, ulcers and family troubles brought on by the loss of their beloved family member.

The family members spoke to the jury that is deciding whether the 34-year-old Arias should get the death penalty or a life sentence in the 2008 killing of Travis Alexander. He was shot and stabbed numerous times, and his body was found in his shower. Prosecutors say Arias killed him in a jealous rage after he wanted to break off their relationship and see other people. Arias says it was self-defense.

Steven Alexander described nightmares, ulcers and constant trauma from losing his brother, including locking the doors when he showers. Tanisha Sorenson called it a “living hell.”

“When I lay down at night, all I can think about is my brother’s murder,” Steven Alexander said as other family members could be heard crying in the gallery.

A jury last year convicted Arias of murder but deadlocked on whether she should be sentenced to life in prison or death. A new jury was seated to decide the punishment again. The defense is expected to begin its case later Thursday.

The family statements came after several days of prosecution testimony, primarily by the Mesa detective who investigated the case and interrogated Arias. Jurors also saw gruesome crime-scene photos and heard an X-rated phone call between Arias and the victim in the weeks before the killing.

Much of the testimony and evidence was a repeat from the original trial, which attracted a global following as it was televised live. The retrial is not being broadcast live, however.


Source: AP

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lee c fairfax says:

If it is true, that the witness was Hodi herself, it has really ripped the heart out of this trial since, with no camera recording her testimony, there will be a big hole in the rebroadcast interest. we will never know what she did and said. I really distrust this judge and wonder if this was done on purpose so no one could gainsay her if she gives only 25 years.

Trish says:

It was Jodi, and this is a travesty! Shame on Judge Stevens for such an unAmerican procedure.

p.s. Wild About Trial – your website keep telling me I post comments too quickly – even when it’s been literally hours – or Days! – between posts.

Robin says:

Ohhh I never thought about dear old Alice. I was thinking Daryl Brewster

J Dessis says:

Hoe about “justice for Travis Victor Alexander? THE ONLY VICTIM HERE?
Who at the hands of this vicious murderer, received 29 stabs, had his throat slit, from ear to ear almost decapitating him, and not satisfied, she also shot him once? How about THAT , “judge”? Not enough for you? This “judge from hell” should be charged with cruelty to the victims”, with her questionable & outrageous ways of handling herself!

Ambon says:

I will gladly go sign it!I took a look at it a week or so ago, and was alslouteby disgusted by it.One of them was basically accusing Travis and his friend,, of being pedophiles, stalking their prey at the elementary school where Chris is an administrative chairman or such, and that Jodi’s murder of Travis kept some sort of sexual abuse scandal at this school from being headline news.They accused C. Hughes of going into Travis’s house, and deleting all th pedophile porn from his laptop, even forensics said his p.c. was last turned on at 4:05 am on june 4, the day Jodi savagely murdered Travis. They say he cleared the house of pedophile porn, which is why nothing was found. These people are beyond disgusting, lying, hateful lunatics.Also disgusting, shameful, and sick, is this greedy family panhandling for donations! Donations for what? They aren’t paying for her trial! They won’t be paying for her appeals! Sandy Arias (Allen) mother- granny Allen, is the founder of the family restaurant chain, Granny or grandma’s house restaurant and bar, so they cirtainly aren’t hurting for any money! Why be begging on the internet for money? The entire family are a bunch of sociopaths/psychopathic nut jobs, so we know where Jodi gets it from. The site must be shut down, I can see no reason why facebook would allow it to remain, because it’s attacking, without any evidence, the characters of Travis, and his friends, and us, anyone who supports Travis and that justice prevails, that Jodi the murderous 3 holed wonder slut, queen of ass fucking, be put on death row and executed as soon as possible.

Ken says:

My best guess would be the secret witness is Domestic-violence expert Alyce LaViolette.

Trish says:

I bet that now she’s locked up, Daryl is a lot less afraid of her. Plus he never went public with claims of being terrified by “death threats” (btw – when a person reports a death threat to the FBI or police, the standard advice is to *Not* make the threat public, but to keep a low profile and let law enforcement handle it.

I bet LaViolette’s “death threats” consisted entirely of 1. valid criticisms of her body of “work” (“Was Snow White a Battered Woman”) 2. Criticisms of LaViolette testifying for the obvious aggressor against a victim (and the only evidence of him being violent or perverted were words from his killer’s mouth) 3. word salads from internet trolls

Had there been actual threats against ALV, the FBI would have put her into a secure location and she would not have been permitted to babble about being scared on TV.

Menk says:

I didn’t watch enough of the Olympics last semmur. I used to love to watch them, but now I forget. I used to be glued to the TV during Wimbledon too, but I never do that much anymore either. I need to get back in the swing of things!

Idk says:

I thought no new evidence could be brought up since a conviction has already been reached. So Allyce would make sense. Regardless of what happens here Arias will remain convicted of especially cruel premeditated felony murder. They can’t unconvict her in this proceeding.

Trish says:

Not only can more evidence be introduced during the penalty phase, but the evidence the defense is allowed to present can be anything that makes the convicted criminal sound somehow of value to someone in society. The rules of evidence are usually relaxed in the penalty phase – and considering what the judge permitted in the main phase, Judge Stevens has a pretty shaky grasp of the concept of evidence as it is.

The Scott Peterson penalty phase was referred to by jurors in later interviews as “the chip and put defense” – i.e., don’t kill Scott because he was once a gifted golf player.

Kerstin says:

Hi, Justus. I am new here , too. I’ve been a trial watcher since the OJ trial as well. The old Court TV site was fun and I ptsoed there there during several trials and made some very nice online friends. (I mention this just to see if maybe you ptsoed there, too.)Anyway, this seems to be a very good site with some nice posters. I’m sorry to read bout your loss. It kind of changes our out look on life when we lose our mothers at least it changed mine.Looking forward to discussing the trial with you and everyone here.. No trial ’til Tuesday? Has anyone heard anything about Friday’s hearing?MJ

Trish says:

The judge banning the public from seeing a witness is as bogus as her decision to allow Arias’ defense to claim – with absolutely *Zero* evidence (not even testimony from someone other than the defendant which made up the Salem witch trials’ “spectral evidence”) – that the brutally-slain Travis Alexander was physically violent and deeply perverted, which he most certainly was not. If Travis Alexander had had any sexual experience at all, he would not have been such a sitting duck for the evil manipulator and violent criminal that is Jodi Arias.

I can give one guess as to whom the “secret witness” is – the witness from the original trial who framed as “threatening” and “abuse” any criticism of her claims (both at the trial and in her public speaking/writing “career”) Alyce LaViolette. LaViolette has made a living by making claims unsupported by the tiniest speck of evidence that society, police and social services must take at face value, without any molecule of evidence, any claim that any behavior that any woman claims to be “abuse” is abuse to reduce the amount of suffering in our society. After several decades of LaViolette advising the San Diego PD on taking seriously accusations of abuse and the effects of abuse as LaViolette sees it, has that has that community seen a reduction of abuse accusations and/or suffering?

lee c fairfax says:

I don’t get the new, secret witness and evidence, etc. I thought this was just to bring the new jury up to date on what already happened in Hodi’s conviction trial…not start another trial. ps how can a witness refuse to testify anymore than a juror can refuse to serve?


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