Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Jury foreman says Arias testimony didn’t help her

Jodi-Arias-Jennifer-Wilmott-May-21-2013-Photo-The-Arizona-Republic-Rob-Schumacher-PoolPHOENIX (AP) — As jurors in Jodi Arias’ murder trial filed one by one from the courtroom after a dramatic five months of gut-wrenching testimony and gruesome photographs, three women on the panel cried and one looked to the victim’s family, mouthing the word, “Sorry.”

The silent gesture toward the loved ones of Travis Alexander offered a glimpse into what was likely a tense few days inside the deliberations room as the jury finally determined it could not agree on whether to sentence Arias to life in prison or execution for murdering her boyfriend.

After about 13 hours of deliberations over three days, the panel gave up.

Judge Sherry Stephens gave a heavy sigh as she announced a mistrial in the penalty phase of the case Thursday. A conference with the judge and attorneys was set for June 20 to determine how both sides want to proceed. In the interim, Stephens set a July 18 retrial date, sending prosecutors back to the drawing board to rehash the shocking case and details of sex and lies to another 12 people.

“This was not your typical trial,” Stephens told jurors. “You were asked to perform some very difficult duties.”

Jurors declined to comment and left the courthouse. But on Friday jury foreman William Zervakos told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that Arias’ testimony didn’t do her any good.

“I think 18 days hurt her. I think she was not a good witness,” he said.

“We’re charged with going in and presuming innocence, right? But she was on the stand for so long, there were so many contradicting stories.”

Zervakos said with the prosecutor’s aggressive style, that length of time testifying “would be difficult for anybody. I don’t think I’d want to sit on the stand for 18 days.”

Zervakos said he believed Alexander mentally and verbally abused Arias.

“Is that an excuse? Of course not. Does it factor in the decision that we make? It has to,” he said.

The mistrial set the stage for a whole new proceeding to determine whether the 32-year-old former waitress should get a life sentence or the death penalty for murdering Alexander five years ago. Arias stabbed and slashed him nearly 30 times, slit his throat slit from ear to ear and shot him in the forehead in what prosecutors described as a jealous rage after the victim wanted to end their affair and planned to head off on a trip to Mexico with another woman.

Prosecutors have the option to take the death penalty off the table, in which case a new trial wouldn’t be necessary and the judge would determine whether to sentence Arias to spend her entire life behind bars or life with the possibility of release after 25 years. Should the state decide to seek death again, jury selection alone could take weeks, given the difficulty of seating an impartial panel in a case that has attracted global attention.

The guilty verdict of first-degree murder would stand, leaving the new panel only tasked with sentencing Arias. However, former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley said the case could drag on for several months as the new jury reviews evidence and hears opening statements, closing arguments and witness testimony in a “Cliffs Notes” version of the trial.

If the second jury cannot reach a unanimous decision, the judge would then sentence Arias to one of the life-in-prison options. The judge cannot sentence Arias to death.

Arias, who first said she wanted to die but later changed her mind and pleaded with the jury for mercy, looked visibly upset about the mistrial and sobbed in the courtroom before it was announced. Her family didn’t attend Thursday but has been present for much of the trial.

Alexander’s family member cried as they left the courtroom without commenting.

Jurors began deliberating Arias’ sentence Tuesday and first reported they had failed to reach a unanimous decision the next day. Stephens instructed them to keep trying.

The same jury on May 8 found Arias guilty of murder in Alexander’s June 4, 2008 death at his suburban Phoenix home.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery thanked the panel in a statement after the mistrial was announced, and noted prosecutor Juan Martinez would have no comment given the pending proceedings ahead.

“We will assess, based upon available information, what the next steps will be,” Montgomery said, “and we will proceed with the intent to retry the penalty phase.”

For now, Arias will remain in the Maricopa County jail system, where she has spent the past five years. Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Thursday she will be confined to her cell 23 hours a day and not be allowed to give anymore media interviews.

The mistrial came two days after Arias spoke to jurors and pleaded for her life. She said she “lacked perspective” when she told a local reporter after her conviction that she preferred execution to spending the rest of her days in prison.

That same night, Arias gave a series of media interviews from jail, telling reporters about her many fights with her legal team and her belief that she “deserves a second chance at freedom someday.”

Arias contends she killed Alexander in self-defense when he became enraged after a day of sex, forcing her to fight for her life.

Her case became a sensation from the beginning as she gave a series of jailhouse interviews following her 2008 arrest in which first she blamed the killing on armed, masked intruders.

Testimony in the trial began in January as the case soon provided endless amounts of cable TV and tabloid fodder, including a recorded phone sex call between Arias and the victim, nude photos, bloody crime-scene pictures and a defendant who described her life story in intimate detail over 18 days on the witness stand.


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Source: AP

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Kimberley says:

How can she claim self defense and stick to it? How could she possibly have the time to stab him nearly 30 times, shoot him twice and slit his throat. Then she made the calls to his mobile after she killed him so it looked like she wasn’t there. I can’t even imagine how the Alexander’s feel. And I don’t know how she could live with herself

doa says:

She is a simple evil, nothing less than that. EVIL, lying narcissist who sees nobody else but herself. Her plea to save her life because she does not want to hurt her family anymore is so obviously fake that even a five year old could see through it.

Bella says:

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pat cook says:

As I pondered this case, I came to understand that I could believe that JA was mistreated (I don’t believe she was battered) AND that she committed first degree murder. I personally believe that she should be executed, but I don’t fault the jury.

I am compelled to mention that I do think that the defense did the best they could. Since they asked to be removed several times, I can only imagine how difficult it was for them to deal with the defendant. Given that, I was impressed at their professional demeanor. I couldn’t tell by watching them whether they liked her or not.

Thanks, WAT for the great coverage and WAT’s professional stance, as well.

Maria says:

The evidence against Jodi was immense, but the defense did also present proof of abuse by Travis and the jury appears to have been listening to that too. Clearly, the jury was split between both views (so was I). Until I heard the foreman speak, I did not understand how come they gave her murder 1 and then could not agree on the punishment. Now I can see it. I believe the jury actually did their job.

Patricia Nelson says:


Seriouslynow says:

She feels no remorse, in fact, she appears to be quite smug and prideful of not only butchering a human being, but also of the pain she continues to cause the family and friends of her victim. Watch her face as Steven and Samantha are testifying. She’s enjoying her handiwork.

Lyric says:

Well, her testimony sure didn’t hurt her either! If it had she would be on death row right now!!

Melissa says:

Just give her LWOP- anyone who has seen Rose Colored Glasses of Jodi Arias on you tube or read the post on fb from a former Perryville inmate, knows Jodi will never survive a LWOP sentence. She is in for such a rude awakening… Arias Book Club- total members- 1!!!! lol

kensie says:

The outcome of this trial is disgusting. I don’t believe for one minute that Travis abused Jodi in any form. I cannot believe that the jury fell for her lies and ALV’s lies. Jodi never showed any remorse. I hope she rots in hell. I really do not care if she lives or dies – just get her locked up. Disgusting is too good of a word to describe Jodi.

Joanne Marie Allen says:

DISGUSTED is right……can’t believe jury foreman falling for anything that she said. At least she’s locked up 23 hrs. a day and NO MORE INTERVIEWS! Hope she suffers every second of every day.

Roy says:

I say death because she would be a “Rock Star” in general population in a women’s prison.

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Jury in Jodi Arias trial resumes deliberations | ruleer0226 新着記事

Bill says:

Death Penalty is The Easy way out, Life in Prison isn’t!

Bill says:

Remember The 10 Comandments, “Thou Shalt not Kill”, So Life in Prison Should Be the Only Option.

Seriouslynow says:

LOL, the ten commandments? You do realize, that the majority of the world – including me – isn’t Christian and doesn’t believe in commandments other than the basic, humane, common sense behavior? Arias is religious and didn’t seem to mind planning and carrying out a M-U-R-D-E-R of the most heinous proportions. If you want to use the bible, how about “an eye for an eye”, etc?

Mary says:

I can’t imagine putting the Alexander family through another trial. Haven’t they suffered enough? This is so ridiculous to think someone is holding out because they feel sorry for Jodi. Travis didn’t have a chance with that witch. She should get death and very soon. His family needs closer it’s not about revenge. She is now afraid of being put to death and wants to be spared for her family sake NOT! She only thinks of herself and if you don’t love her she will kill you. Now that is true revenge.

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caloosa says:

My ex-wife was beaten, shot and burned alive in her own car by the father of her fourth child. The scumbag only got 30 years and served 18. He’s out on the street in Miami today! The justice system is a complete joke and is run by idiots! I have no respect for law enforcement(who blew the interrogation because the suspect asked for his own interpreter) and the judicial system who let him plead to less time. Right now some bleeding heart female juror is feeling sorry for Arias and that’s why she’s indecisive in agreeing with the death penalty. I strongly believe in the death penalty and wish they had swift justice like they had in the good old days! They should also make executions public. Perhaps some scumbag watching an execution will think twice about taking away the life of another human being!

mike says:

I am very sorry to here that. I think the jury should only contain men cause women are too emotional foe this

Laura says:

Mike, It was the jury foreMAN that said he believed she was abused. It is only because so much evidence was not let in at trial that they might have believed her lies. Also it’s likely they didn’t realize that ranting message Travis sent was because she threatened to go public with her little recording, to mess up any future relationships. I would have no problem giving her the DP, and I don’t even believe in it, only because she would have to be alone with her crazy thoughts.

Bella says:

This whole trial has been so unfair to the Alexander’s. She is a disgusting excuse as a person. She executed Travis. An eye for a eye. I feel so sorry for Travis family.

joan napolitano says:

“some bleeding heart is…that’s why she” why do you assume it’s a woman? get real, will you?

Winnson says:

If she doesn’t deserve the dearh penalty then no one does. Just remove it as an option.

Cor says:

I couldn’t agree with you more! In my opinion, this is the exact type of case that warrants the death penalty! AND, age, gender, race, etc. should not be a factor!

Joe says:

Jodi can’t tell the truth if bit her in the ass. She lied again to the jury about donating her hair to cancer victims because I know they would not take it because it has been dyed. They don’t accept dyed hair. And if you look back seen her arrest her hair is the same length .lie,lie,lie?????

Margaret Sorg says:

I feel like she is still trying to lie and deny. She doesn’t seem to feel remorse for anyone other than herself. She seems to think that she can still pull the wool over peoples eys. She has not accepted her guilty verdict yet. She is just one of the most evil people I have ever heard about. She was so brutal and nasty in her crime. I just don’t feel like she should get to live her life out in prison, still denying her guilt, and we, the people, shouldn’t have to pay for her existence. I hope she gets the death penalty because she cares more about herself than anything else. Therefore, that would be the ultimate punishment for her, to know that she would soon be forgotten.

Paula says:

I would say give her life in prison, BUT, she has shown no remorse whatsoever. She has not said “I’m sorry”. She is all about “Jodi” Give her the true punishment she deserves.

Deela says:

We in Arizona can’t waste more money on this murderer. I hope it doesn’t come back as a hung jury. Taxes are way to much here to put up with this crap.


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