Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Arias speaks out about case in jailhouse interview

Jodi-Arias-May-21-2013-PhotoAP-Ross-D-FranklinPHOENIX (AP) – In a surprise jailhouse interview just hours after a jury began deliberating whether she will live or die, the woman at the center of a murder case that captivated many Americans spoke out Tuesday about her murder trial, her many fights with her legal team and her belief that she “deserves a second chance at freedom someday.”

Jodi Arias spoke to The Associated Press as part of a series of interviews with media outlets. Arias was convicted last week of first-degree murder in the June 2008 stabbing and shooting death of her one-time lover in what prosecutors described as a cold, calculated killing carried out in a jealous rage. Arias has maintained all along it was self-defense.

She repeated in her AP interview many of her claims from previous interviews, testimony on the witness stand and her statements to the jury earlier Tuesday as she pleaded for mercy.

But she provided some new information about her case and how she believed her lawyers let her down by not calling more witnesses who could have bolstered her claims that she was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Travis Alexander.

The jury began deliberating Tuesday as they worked to determine whether she should be sentenced to death for her crime. If the jury opts for a life sentence, the judge will have the option of determining whether she spends the rest of her days behind bars or is eligible for release after 25 years. Arias acknowledged it was unlikely she would ever be released, but believed she deserves a second chance.

Arias stabbed and slashed Alexander nearly 30 times, shot in him in the forehead and slit his throat, nearly decapitating him, before leaving his body in his shower to be found by friends about five days later.

“To this day, I can hardly believe I was capable of such violence. But I know that I was,” Arias told jurors. “And for that, I’m going to be sorry for the rest of my life.”

Her speech to jurors came a day after her attorneys asked to be removed from the case, saying the five-month trial had become a witch hunt that prompted death threats against a key witness in the penalty phase. They also argued for a mistrial. The judge denied both requests.

Following her conviction last week, Arias told a local TV station that she preferred the death penalty. She said Tuesday night that she changed her mind after a tearful meeting with family members that same day, realizing that her death would only cause them more pain.

“I felt like by asking for death, it’s like asking for assisted suicide and I didn’t want to do that to my family,” she told the AP.

Arias said she fought from the beginning to keep cameras out of the courtroom to limit the media spectacle, and believes that the jury should have been sequestered. She stated flatly that she did not receive a fair trial.

“The prosecutor has accused me of wanting to be famous, which is not true,” she said.

However, Arias has sought the spotlight at every turn, providing TV interviews and even using a third-party to tweet throughout the trial.

Arias repeated her claims that she never wanted to go to trial in the first place but instead wanted to reach a deal with prosecutors on a second-degree murder count that would have carried a maximum of 22 years in prison. However, she said, “no deal was offered.”

She gave the interviews Tuesday after the judge lifted an order barring jail officials from arranging any media requests. The judge did not elaborate on the reason for the ruling, but Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office quickly began making the media arrangements that lasted late into the night.

A shackled Arias wore makeup for the interviews and showed up in a jail classroom with a comb in hand as she fixed her hair for the cameras. When pressed for details on some of her conflicting stories, she was mostly evasive, citing advice from her attorneys and possible pending appeals.

She was also asked about the conflicts she had had with her two court-appointed lawyers, Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott.

Arias said she wanted at least three people called as witnesses who could have testified to having seen bruises on her neck “when I was choked” by Alexander but she said she was rebuffed by her lawyers. The prosecutor insisted her claims of self-defense were an exaggerated attempt to avoid being convicted.

She said her lawyers “felt a little betrayed” and blindsided by her post-conviction interview but that they gave their blessings for Tuesday night’s interviews, warning her to be cautious.

Arias said she sometimes wishes she’d never met Alexander, “just because of how ultimately everything ended and I say that for his sake and mine – not just a selfish thing.”

She said if the attack never occurred and she never crossed paths with the victim, she would likely now be a happily married 32-year-old with children and a successful wedding photography business.

Earlier Tuesday, Arias told jurors she planned to use her time in prison to bring about positive changes, including donating her hair to be made into wigs for cancer victims, helping establish prison recycling programs and designing T-shirts to raise money for domestic abuse victims.

Arias became emotional as she displayed for jurors photos of her friends, boyfriends and family members, including newborn relatives she has met only from behind bars.

She asked jurors to reject the death penalty for the sake of her family.

Alexander’s family showed little emotion as Arias’ mother, father and sister looked on from the other side of the gallery and cried.


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Source: AP

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Kyu says:

I don’t honestly think she’s going to get the death penalty. With the speech she gave and everything, I mean…the jury is already having a hard time making a decision which is such a pain, for the fact that they’ve had 5 years of this.

Pato says:

So as per her, she deserves a second chance? does Travis have a second chance?

James says:

You are absolutely right! I am amazed she even thinks she deserves one.nshe is so cold and unremorseful that the only adequate punishment is the most severe!

Leslie pagoto says:

No she does NOT deserve ANYTHING what so ever!!!! Her rights are DENIED, just as she decided to take Travis Alexanders rights away from him and his family along with his future children that he would have had and loved unconditionally!!!!!! Travis Alexander will always be remember in a wonderful light that he was to everyone!!!!!

Maria says:

I find her “sweet demeanor” and “cute poutings” truly disgusting because she is just basically saying she will fight the death penalty to the end, so the jury better give her life. That is why she is giving the interviews. She is a master manipulator. Yuck.

Maria says:

If she was an old bag of lard, this trial would have taken 4 days. And definitely she would not be interviewed on TV or anywhere else.

Maria says:

She is warning the jury that if she gets the death penalty, she will make it last for years and years of appeals. That is the goal of this whole pathetic interview. Why is this convicted murderer being given a voice? I find it unfair to the many other people in trial out there who get no chance to make their case to the public opinion in front of the cameras. This judge sucks!!!!

jeezlouise says:

OMG I want to kill her myself- What a smug, a hole she is. She brought out that Survivor shirt just to stick it to the family one more time- She thinks she is a celebrity. Kill her. Shes a sick bitch.

Patricia Nelson says:


LoveBunny says:

How much compassion did Jodi show Travis?

LoveBunny says:

Jodi Arias deserves the life of a Death Row inmate. She deserves to be cut off from socializing and doing interviews. She deserves to have the hourglass hanging over her head as she worries about hr endless appeals. She deserves to know that her time is going to run out. . . She deserves deep despair.

Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


caloosa says:

When I was a CO 33 years ago, I worked closely with a convict(I hate the word inmate) that was rumored to work for the mob and killed around 25 people. This was a minimum security prison where drugs, and sex were easily available. How he escaped the death penalty, I’ll never know. If God forbid, Arias escapes the death penalty, hopefully she will have a female guard so she won’t have access to sex(they easily turn into lesbians) and she can rot for the rest of her life without the chance for parole. She is a sociopath like 99.9% of all the convicts!

Hang em High says:

Some people are so stupid that I am quite surprised that they actually manage to figure out how to turn on the devices from which they send their inane posts.

sonja says:

Who ever said she could be rehabelitated but you can’t ever change that
Borderline personality disorder or sociopaths we would kill a rabid dog wouldent
We weather or not fluffy was a a beloved pet bleeding heart liberals want to save
Every one until it effects you!

lainie says:

What if you went through such a thing with details about a family member being
Butchered an ran into the person years later oh what a shocked I’d hate that
An when is her spot light going to go away .all her artistic talents a herd Charlie
MANSON was a good guitar player so what he was still a piece of work please.

Hang em High says:

Are all of you posters related? You all look quite the same.

Hang em High says:

What a bummer for Jodi when she rots away on death row. No interviews. No attention.

dee says:

i am not going to comment on the life vs death part of this blog, but i will say that some of the bloggers should see how hateful you are to one another’s comments and you *don’t* even know each other. you dont know jodi, or anyone involved in this case. our society learns nothing from the hateful acts of another. you spit venom at other’s comments with such hate, using inappropriate language, and ironically it is hate pointed at *strangers*. we should be learning from jodi’s deeds what can result from such passionate hate. learn from travis’ friends and family. they demonstrate their hurt and anger in a much more dignified manner. what i’m seeing from some on this blog is very sad. i wish this website would at least censor the profanity. make a death like travis alexander’s worth something by emulating what this young man wished of others, which is compassion, love, and kindness to others.

jdortiz says:

Well said!!! I think Jodi Arias is guilty of 1st Degree Murder, and yes, she murdered Travis Alexander in a very cruel manner, which made her eligible for the death penalty. But in the penalty phase, the burden of proof changed and how the evidence is weighed changed. I believe in the death penalty, and think I could hand down that verdict to a child killer or a serial killer. I honestly don’t know what I would do in this matter. But you’re right, we need to quit hating and see what the jury decides. I know I can respect their decision (especially since they found her guilty of Murder 1)!!!

Lukas says:

You guys are a bunch of primitive apes. Reminds me of public hangings. Everyone is so excited to see someone die. She’s evil no doubt and my heart goes out to both families and to Mr Alexander. But since when did we become an eye for an eye society? It’s ironic that most the people that want this girl dead are also religious people who turn a blind eye to the “Thou shall not kill” rule…I don’t think anyone deserves to die. Even dumb ass people like her. It’s not about getting revenge for Travis. It’s about getting this girl off the streets so she can’t do this anymore. Not sure why people really care what happens to her as long as she isn’t allowed back into society. Give the girl life in prison and don’t play God. Just because she did doesn’t make it right for us to.

caloosa says:

It’s liberal thinking like yourself which contributes to our society going to hell in a handbasket! Grow a pair!

Steph says:

Making this political is not helping. It’s also an ignorant comment. As someone who shifts more to the left I do believe in the death penalty in some cases (and will shoot guns). After watching this trial, yes I do think she should get death. That is because I made the mistake of enduring months and months of her BS ;) but also because I don’t believe ALL her stories and feel she planned out an extremely cruel murder, even if it was a plan B. I can understand it being a difficult decision to “play God” as some say, even though it’s the right of our judge and jury depending on the state laws. Regardless, this ‘woman’ continues to tweet, interview and play games to torture society and the poor family (including her own!). I would totally go for life in hell or prison as long as she is not allowed to be heard from again. Think about it…how many cases have you seen someone behave the way she has? Her cheese has definitely slid off her cracker! (had to insert line from Green Mile, only appropriate). Murder One satisfied me greatly…now let’s just get this circus over. Peace be with you. :)

chris says:

I fear that she will get a new trial. the latest attempts by her def team by not calling any witness seem to be a blatant attempt for a reason for a re-trial.

Jenny says:

You know it only took Jodi 2 min. to take the life of a great man. Let’s all pray the jury will understand that she does not care about anyone other then JODI ! Jodi has run this whole trial. Please do the right thing jurors and put this MONSTER to death once and for all..She has no remorse for anything she has done now or ever! God Bless our Jurors in this time of their job and doing of their civic duty!

NS says:

Let this odd woman bark as much as she can for now. What comes around, goes around!

luca says:

Sono stato molto contento di aver trovato questo sito. Voglio dire grazie per il vostro tempo per questa lettura meravigliosa! Io sicuramente mi sto godendo ogni post e ho gi

Dawn Thomas says:

Ro Moon you are an idiot, go to hell, go straight to hell!!

Dawn Thomas says:

Ron Moon, go to hell!!!!

LoveBunny says:

The death penalty is on the table for a reason! It needs to be there. Consider the fact that this was a premeditated murder and that there was the aggravating circumstance of extreme cruelty. The reasonable choice is the death penalty otherwise there is no need to have one. But Jodi is teaching us why we still need to have this legal option on the table. I just hope the jury does the right thing and finds for the death penalty in this case.

Patricia Nelson says:


protect the innocent says:

Wouldn’t it be good if she got the death sentence and had to live in that small cell for all the years she waited on appeals. That in itself would be punishment for this self-centered, self absorbed evil woman.

LoveBunny says:

That would be appropriate. She should sit in the little cell and worry worry worry about her appeals. There is no reason why she needs to have any peace of mind. She didn’t give that to poor Travis!

Patricia Nelson says:

She was so calm put on her say, I would be having a ANXIETY ATTACK IF I WAS HER, THAT GOES TO WHAT SHE IS EVIL, NO FEELINGS.

Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Ro Moon says:

Hate to ruin all you haters day, but I believe she deserves life. As much as Mr. M wants to say it, she is NOT a rabid dog like those who sit on death row in AZ. She can be rehabilitated. Not only that, but sometimes there are these things called toxic relationships that are just bad from the start, and end even worse…this was one of those. Jodi did show remorse, and that is something that most defendants don’t do. Life for Jodi is a fair sentence.

LoveBunny says:

Jodi is a cold blooded murderer, but if you think she’s great, then you are entitled to your extremely strange maladjusted opinion.

sam says:

life is not an option because she’ll be eligible for parole in 20 years. she should never see the light of day again! She cant be rehabilitated because borderline personality disorder can not be treated. and before you can be rehabilitated, you have to admit your faults. and she is a rabid dog because she couldn’t take no for an answer and she slaughtered him. her relationship with travis was toxic… for travis that is. it was a consensual sexual relationship. nothing wrong with that. unless one party can’t accept the terms of the situation and goes ham like she did. today she still has no remorse for her action. she had five years to rehabilitate and she hasnt. she’s more convinced today the events took place the way shes described. Kill her!!

Debra says:

Yes, toxic relationship to Travis, he’s the dead, butchered one, he’s the one she took the secret tape of their sex talks, he’s the one who she stalked, he’s the one that she and her attorneys killed another time in the trashy, unsubstantiated lies against his character when he isn’t around to defend himself. ALL they had was the one email AFTER she secretly taped their phone sex and no doubt blackmailed him with it.

ron moon is wrong says:

Jodi never showed any actual remorse. She was more sorry that she was CAPABLE of what she did, not that she DID what she ACTUALLY did. During the trial she claimed she didn’t get help from the police was because she didn’t want people to think she was capable of doing what she did. She cares more about what she thinks people think of her, and of burnishing her own image, than about killing another human being. Travis was actually right when he called her a sociopath. And a sociopath does not have a conscience. Which means she cannot be rehabbed. I would not insist that she be put to death, but it chills me to think of her with the general population. Because she will always use and manipulate people. That is who she is.

mother says:

Actually, Jodi did NOT express any remorse. She did her level best to take all she could from the Alexander Family to the end as well. Saying “Travis aid his grandmother was the glue that held their family together….” because Samantha said “Travis was the glue that held our family together. ” in her statement to the jury. Then there is her statement “now his family can remember him the way they want to…” implying only she really knew and said the truth. How much does she feel she is entitles to take from these people? Although iam in a minority, as I feel she should be given life without parole. For personal and religious reasons.

Patricia Nelson says:

Well done Mr. Martinez, once again you brought it!

Mrs. Jones says:

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

LoveBunny says:

The punishment should fit the crime! She viciously took a life, so why should she still get to enjoy hers? I’ll bet you’d feel a whole lot differently if Travis had been your son or brother.

Debra says:

maybe to the mass murder of 53 million babies in the USA, we ARE blind to that aren’t we?

Mrs. Jones says:

Yes, this is truth where is: I’m sorry…?

Mrs. Jones says:

J. Willmott I’ll missed you…

Vickie Mogler says:

Where is the “I’m sorry” Jodi spare your life for the sake of YOUR family???? What about Travises family you selfish greedy liar???? I say you deserve to die like Travis did he didn’t have a choice, rot on death row for 20 years then you unlike Travis will receive a peaceful DEATH!’nnn

Ro Moon says:

She said “…for that I will be sorry for the rest of my life.” Apparently you were not listening.

LoveBunny says:

That wasn’t a real apology because she did not ask for forgiveness from the Alexander family. . . Were you not paying attention to that?

sam says:

you’re a moron! she needs to say sorry to the family

bosslady says:

I agree

Patricia Nelson says:

She better not talk for long, get this to the jury today. I can’t listen to her anymore, putting a movie on.

Kimberlye says:

I want to start a reality show traveling world filming crazy cases like this. Commercial free…..

Max Rom says:

We can forgive.We are not animals!

Ron says:

Look around. You and I can forgive. The rest my friend are animals. MOB RULE!

LoveBunny says:

If you want forgiveness, go visit a church but if you seek justice, go to the court!

Debra says:

I’d like to see you being as “forgiving” if it was your brother or son.

Patricia Nelson says:

I can’t stand this delay once again!

Golfer Joe says:

What happened to 12:30 ET?

LoveBunny says:

All the posts have disappeared now?


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