Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Jurors ask Jodi Arias about religion, memory

PHOENIX (AP) – Jodi Arias was peppered with a wide range of questions Wednesday as jurors in her murder trial asked about everything from Mormonism to the definition of a derogatory name he called her and specific details from the day she killed her lover, quizzing her repeatedly over her memory lapses from the gruesome attack.

Arizona is one of just a few states where jurors are allowed to ask questions of witnesses during a criminal trial as a matter of law, meaning the judge is required to notify the panel of its right to pose queries. In most other states, the process is either banned altogether or it’s left up to individual judges to determine whether jurors in criminal cases may ask questions of witnesses.

Judge Sherry Stephens previously said the jury had about 100 questions for Arias, but by day’s end, more than 150 were asked, and additional queries continued to come in. Arias is set to take the stand Thursday for a 17th day as Stephens will continue to read questions aloud.

Arias spent Wednesday responding occasionally with calm, concise answers, while others meandered and were met with objections from attorneys, at times from both the prosecutor and defense lawyers simultaneously.

Many questions focused on things that just don’t add up – how Arias can recall specific details of raunchy sexual encounters with Travis Alexander, yet says her memory is “scrambled” when she tries to recall events from the day she killed him.

Arias is charged with first-degree murder in the June 2008 death of Alexander in his suburban Phoenix home. She says it was self-defense, but police say it was a premeditated killing. She faces the death penalty if convicted.

Arias initially told authorities she had nothing to do with Alexander’s death then blamed it on masked intruders before settling on self-defense. Her repeated lies to authorities in the days after his death, and her methodical efforts to create an alibi and avoid suspicion have been center stage throughout the weekslong trial.

Alexander had been shot in the head, stabbed and slashed nearly 30 times and had his throat slit.

Jurors’ written questions prodded her over why she never called police after she says Alexander had repeatedly physically abused her in the months leading up to this death, and why she continued to see him after she said she once awoke to find him having sex with her.

“I was in love with Travis,” Arias said. “I knew I was in love with him, and it didn’t make a difference to me, honestly.”

None of her allegations of Alexander’s abuse and her claims that he had sexual desires for young boys have been corroborated by witnesses or evidence during the trial, and she has admitted to lying repeatedly prior to and after her arrest.

Arias also testified previously how Alexander demeaned her and called her derogatory terms like “whore” and “skank.” Jurors then asked how she defined “skank.” She stammered with her response and skirted the question.

The panel also asked about her commitment to Mormon teachings. She converted to the faith after meeting Alexander, also a Mormon, but the two carried on an intense sexual relationship, despite church doctrine that discourages sex outside of wedlock.

The questions provided a glimpse into the panel’s thoughts after hearing her testify about practically every detail of her life.

They asked her about past relationships with other men and how it could have been so easy for her to get a gun from the victim’s closet while he chased her in a fury. Jurors also wanted to know why she tried to clean the bloody scene at Alexander’s home.

She has acknowledged dumping the gun in the desert, getting rid of her bloody clothes, and leaving the victim a voicemail on his mobile phone within hours of killing him in an attempt to cover her tracks.

Arias’ grandparents had reported a .25 caliber handgun stolen from their Northern California home about a week before the killing – the same caliber used to shoot Alexander – but Arias says didn’t take it. Authorities believe she brought it with her.

A noted attorney in California, where it’s up to judges to decide whether jurors may question witnesses, doesn’t think the practice is a good idea.

“It becomes too difficult, too tempting for a juror to lose their role as an impartial fact-finder and slip into the role of an advocate, and I think that’s contrary to what the whole justice system is based upon,” said Los Angeles-area defense attorney Mark Geragos.

“In effect, you’ve deputized the jurors as investigators,” Geragos added.

Others, however, say the practice is a useful tool aimed at getting to the truth, and provides attorneys a window into the deliberation room, giving them time to change strategies.

Phoenix criminal defense attorney Julio Laboy said juror questions of a witness during a case where he was representing a client charged with murder once led to prosecutors offering a deal to plead to a lesser count.

“In the end, what this is all really about is the search for truth, and any mechanism that allows jurors to get closer to the truth without prejudicing one side or the other, I think, is a good tool,” Laboy said. “And it really is a window into the juror’s mindset.”


Source: AP

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coppercat49 says:

Jodi has no mental illness at all However is has been biten by something more Evil than most ppl could possibly think of and carry out what she did starting may 28th,the day Grandads gun missing.

Kurt says:


Sharon says:

Am I the only one who feels sorry for Jodi? She was treated like garbage & abused. I don’t agree with taking another person’s life unless yours is on the line – which I believe is what she was up against. Martinez is way too personally involved. He is a jerk and a bulky.

gettingolder74 says:

No Sharon, Jodi did as Jodi wanted. She was not used nor abused. You have to think about who is telling these stories, and they are for her own benefit. She never wrote or spoke of any abuse or mistreatment by Travis to anyone. And her reason because she didn’t speak ill of people is just another lie.
However I do feel bad that she was never taught self respect or that ones actions have consequences. She was immature when she ran away from home (just because she was slapped for breaking a house rule, worse things could have happen) and made one bad decision after another. Could have her parents done more? Who knows, maybe Jodi was a troubled teen. We don’t know so we can’t take a confessed liars statements.

SassyB says:

Nicely summarized, Brian. Thank you for the long hours on bringing this case to the public eye.

Julia says:

She is a very sick woman. She lies at the drop of a hat. She is loving all the attention, its so obvious. I feel so sorry for his family having to sit there and listen to her lies. I hope she rots in hell

Amber says:

I can’t wait until Juan Martinez questions her again. Jodi does lie so well! It really pisses me off that the horrible judge won’t let the fact that she was a stalker in. I think the fact that she slashed tire’s is very relevant . It just shows what she is capable of. And I can’t believe the judge has let the defense trash Travis as bad as they have. She is a liar. Point blank. I just think that the judge is awful. I really get the impression that she feels sorry for Arias. Especially when she called recess when Jodi was at the breaking point. Who hasn’t Jodi lied to?! Anyway this is getting old and I’m going to jump with joy when she get’s the death penalty.

Madea3 says:

Jodi seemed animated today with the jury questions, it was very strange, more strange than usual. 2 yrs of thinking can manefest into the greatest story (bs story) ever told. The family felt a little better knowing the jury was hitting her with the questions everyone wants to ask. Why she gets to review them is a mystery to me. This girl lies at the speed of light! I was happy to watch the jury fire them off and not in order, no script Jodi, you had to wing it this time. We will see how well she does tomorrow. I know they want to catch her off guard in a lie. Tree hunting, really???? Saw the video on Dr. Drew, what a crock of crap, I hope JM gets a hold of that footage. This girl wanted it all and was not gonna let a good mormon lady take her free ride away. The man had a near death expierence and he could only think about the woman yhat could have been killed for crying uncontrollaby, may she was jealous of that as well, she was so board with everyone paying attention to him. She thinks she is hot, and sexual and everyman and wife is intimidated by her presence. God knows everything, how dare she say his name in the same sentence. I’d like to see her grow old and crippled in prison, What a monster! Death is easy, living is hard.

CuriousCourt says:

The girl is obviously mentally ill.

PhxMilitarymom says:

What gets me is she never once said she was sorry for her actions, never out right admitted guilt (“I knew something bad had happened”), and no matter how many times the defense attorney put the questions to her that would allow her to admit to being horrified at taking a human life, at being mortified at what she had done to this young man and his family, not one time did she ever show an ounce of remorse. It was all about her – she was abused, she was the victim, she felt “panic” at what she had done. A more twisted person I have never seen outside of TV or movies. A truely sickening woman. May the Alexander family have the strength to move through this together, and the rest of the Arias family to be able to move past what shame she has brought on their family too.

Kathy says:

I feel so sad for Travis’s family and pray for them. I believe that we should all pray for his family and friends. God is in control and there will be justice, for He knows the truth.


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