Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Jodi Arias gives sexual details about slain lover on 3rd day of testimony

PHOENIX (AP) — A woman charged with killing her lover in the shower of his Arizona home described in graphic detail Wednesday how he made repeated sexual advances all while converting her into the Mormon faith during their heated initial courtship.

Jodi Arias, 32, took the witness stand on what was a provocative day of testimony about the volatile relationship that culminated with her stabbing Travis Alexander to death after a lust-filled day of sex and raunchy photographs.

Arias spent the first two days of testimony recounting her childhood and troubled romances in her teens and 20s, and got to key details of her relationship with Alexander on Wednesday.

She faces the death penalty if convicted of murder in a case that seemed made for the tabloids with its tales of sex, violence and betrayal. Trial was set to resume Monday.

Her defense team put her on the stand in an apparent attempt to gain sympathy with jurors in hopes that they see her as the victim of a domineering womanizer. She says the killing was self-defense, and says Alexander belittled her and used her for sex.

Prosecutors have portrayed Arias as a jealous ex-girlfriend who snapped and killed the motivational speaker and successful businessman.

The testimony was an unusual mix of Mormon theology and X-rated descriptions of their relationship. At one point, naked pictures of Alexander were shown in the courtroom.

Alexander, a Mormon, persuaded Arias to become a member of the church and performed her baptism in late 2006, she said.

But at the same time, she said she felt uncomfortable by Alexander’s behavior in the bedroom that seemed to contradict the church’s teachings that forbid sex before marriage.

On the same day that he baptized her, Arias said the two went into a bedroom, removed their church clothes and engaged in sexual intercourse that she called painful. Alexander told her the sex was OK under Mormon teachings because their encounter did not involve vaginal intercourse.

Arias said she believed Alexander was using her for sex, and had little interest in connecting with her on an emotional level or even holding her hand in public.

“I kind of felt like a prostitute,” she said at one point.

Arias has described physical and emotional abuse at the hands of family and lovers and cast Alexander as someone who took advantage of her. Arias told investigators that she went to Alexander’s home for sex on the day of the killing, but he turned violent, forcing her to fight for her life.

She said she first met Alexander at a Las Vegas convention in late 2006 after years of bad relationships. She was almost immediately enamored by him, and it appeared he was taken with her, too. She suddenly saw both personal and professional opportunities.

Arias said she soon ended her relationship with another man, and within a week, she saw Alexander again. That’s when things became sexual, she testified.

They carried on a long-distance relationship between her home in California and his in Mesa, Ariz., and their relationship began to take off. She said they made a trip to Missouri and Illinois to visit significant Mormon landmarks and to attend a work convention in Oklahoma where he became closed-off and flirted with another woman in front of her.

She claims they dated for about five months, then broke up but continued to see each other for sex. Alexander’s friends said she stalked him after the breakup and became possessive and jealous.

Authorities said they found her hair and bloody palm print at the scene of the killing, along with time-stamped photographs on a memory card in a camera discovered inside Alexander’s washing machine that place Arias there on the day he died. The photos included one of Arias nude on his bed, one of Alexander alive in the shower, and one of his body on the bathroom floor.

In the trial that began in early January, defense attorneys have yet to explain why Arias apparently attempted to clean the scene, washing Alexander’s bedding and the camera, and what happened to the weapons.

Authorities say Alexander was shot in the head with a .25 caliber gun, the same caliber Arias’ grandparents reported stolen from their Northern California home about a week before the killing.


Source: AP

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john says:

man i would sex her up good

Amber says:

I hope & pray that Arias get’s the death penalty!! Have you seen the murder scene pics? They are so grotesque I threw up. And I hope that the 11 male jurors aren’t looking at her like a sexy little sex kitten!! What she did is pure evil. And what I don’t get is that she is being portrayed as this “beautiful” woman when I know it’s just me but I think she looks like plain Jane and she knows it. Does anybody wonder why there are just so many pictures of just her!!? She obviously knew she was a dog….excuse me, is a DOG!! Through and through. And what really get’s me is that she is saying that Mr. Alexander liked little boys. She has planned this from the very beginning!!

Steph says:

This Chick is a MASTER MANIPULATER! I’m just saying the jurors aren’t chosen for their IQ………………. SCAREY!

Bunny says:

that’s what scares me about our judicial system. These people they aren’t the smartest people as you state and that frightens me to death. I think you should have to qualify to serve especially on a murder trial.

AuntiS says:

She is such a liar, can’t believe anyone could possibly believe anything this psycho says!! Forced anal on her, bullshit, her last boyfriend say she did it with him. Forced her to wear a shirt that said Travis’ property, I say she bought the shirt! AND I believe those photos taken in the shower right before she killed him, were taken while she had him at gunpoint, don’t see any ‘joy’ in his eyes, only fear. Please Please don’t let this be another Casey or Oj outcome. For crying out loud, she hacked his computer, who’s to say she didn’t send those so called ‘awful’ emails to herself! I believe she planned this for a long time. And her dad spanked her with a belt she says it didn’t hurt, and left no welts. Her mom carried a wooden spoon in her purse when the went out, hell I carried one of those little paint stirring ruler like thing from the local paint store, and brandished it quite well as needed. Just seeing it straightened my kids up real quick!! My mom would stop on the highway when me and my brother were fighting and screaming in the back seat and pick a switch to scare us into acting like we had some sense! POOr Abused JODI, she’s gonna have to come up with something better than that, or better than he called me a skank! Hope the jury doesn’t fall for her bullshit made up lies and sob stories!!

Tom says:

Ok. Sorry

Tom says:

THEY do!!!

Tom says:

Who says they are all VERY esteemed?

Tomh says:

What are you talking about?

They are all “very esteemed”.

Just ask them

Tom says:

Am I the only one here who feels the in session commentators (especially the bald one) aren’t that bright?

Hope she rots says:

Yeah super boring stuff about her past relationships. Can’t wait for cross exam though

Augie73 says:

will Jodi be on today 2/5/13 ,I missed it?

Kurt says:

Yes, she was on all day still going thru direct. Boring stuff.


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