Colorado Movie Theater Massacre

Aurora shooter makes ‘half-hearted’ suicide attempt

James Holmes, the accused shooter in the Aurora movie theater massacre, was hospitalized Tuesday after reportedly running himself headfirst into the wall of his jail cell.

The incident was an apparent “half-hearted” attempt to commit suicide, according to law enforcement authorities. Sources confirm that Holmes has been returned to his cell and is currently able to move and communicate.

Arapahoe County District Judge William B. Sylvester granted a defense request to postpone a hearing scheduled for Thursday morning after Holmes’ attorneys argued that Holmes was not in any condition to attend.

“It’s not as simple as a migraine,” public defender Tamara Brady said Wednesday in asking for a continuance, “and it’s not something that will resolve itself by [this] morning.”

Prosecutor Rich Orman opposed the motion, asserting that the defense must disclose the nature of Holmes’ condition.

According to sources, Holmes made several attempts to harm himself, including standing on his bed and falling backwards and running headfirst into his jail cell wall.

The new hearing is scheduled for December 10.

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