Bengals Cheerleader Case

Sarah Jones breaks her silence; denies having sex with underage student

Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader and English teacher Sarah Jones, accused of having sex with an underage student, broke her silence today in an interview with on The Today Show.

Jones, charged with first-degree sexual abuse, has been on house arrest for 17 weeks. She denied the charge, pleading not guilty and claiming that she has only had sex with one man, her ex-husband. She would not speak further to the allegations.

“At this time, there’s not really, it’s not something we are going to discuss, but we are going to discuss it in trial” she shakily replies when asked by NBC’s Jeff Rossen what her relationship with the student was. When asked if she ever had sex with the student, she states “that is not something that we are allowed to discuss at this time.

She is then asked about 9,000 pages of evidence relating to Facebook, text messages and other forms of communication prosecutors say they have. After a brief retort by Jones her attorney pipes in claiming there is no “corroborating” evidence implicating his client in any sexual acts.

Even more compelling to Jones claim of innocence is that the alleged victim is a long time family friend that she claims will testify in her favor. She also says his family will testify in her favor.

The prosecution says they will do their talking in court.

Aashiq Nazim

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