SF Giants Fan Attack

Brian Stow suspects in court Tuesday for pre-trial hearing

The two men accused of the brutal beating of San Francisco Giants fan Brian Stow at Dodger Stadium appeared in court Tuesday morning for a brief pre-trial hearing.

The hearing lasted less than five minutes, and the judge set their next court date for February 21.

On opening day in 2011, in the parking lot outside of Dodger Stadium, Louis Sanchez and Marvin Norwood allegedly attacked a group of fans in Giants gear after the game. According to witnesses, Brian Stow, a paramedic and father of two from Santa Cruz, was with a group of paramedic friends trying to ignore the belligerent fans when a man punched him in the head causing his skull to crack as he fell unconscious to the hard ground. Stow suffered severe brain damage and will likely require lifelong medical treatment.

Sanchez and Norwood are charged with mayhem, assault with intent to cause great bodily injury, and battery with intent to cause great bodily injury. Sanchez faces a maximum of eight years in prison and Norwood faces a maximum of eight years.

Also, according to KTLA reporter Lynette Romero, it is believed that the defendant Sanchez entered into closed door meetings with his attorneys and the judge about whether he is able to replace his defense attorneys.

Ryan Kerns, Esq., Wild About Trial

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