Bell 8 Scandal

Bell 8 Scandal: Charges

The Bell 8 are collectively charged with misappropriating $6.7 million in city fund for their own personal use.

The most serious charge against alleged ringleaders Rizzo and Spaccia — conspiracy to misappropriate public funds — could put them in jail for up to 9 years. They are also charged with violations ranging from conflict of interest to falsification of the official record. Combined, Rizzo and Spaccia are looking at serious jail time.

The remaining defendants are also facing misappropriation of funds charges but without the conspiracy angle. Some of them are facing as many as twenty separate counts of misappropriation. As litigation has wended its way through the Los Angeles criminal justice system and more facts have emerged, a few of the defendants have seen a few of these charges dropped, but all are still facing serious felony charges. A single count of misappropriation can come with a four-year jail sentence.

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