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Christian Rocker Back in Court Wednesday on Charges of Hiring Hitman to Kill His Wife

Tim LambesisChristian rocker Tim Lambesis was back in court Wednesday morning for a hearing in his felony case for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill his then wife Meggan Lambesis.

Lambesis is out of custody and living in San Diego on a $2 million bond after his attorney Thomas Warwick Jr. argued down his initial bail of $3 million. A judge scheduled his next court appearance for September 16.

At his arraignment Lambesis pleaded not guilty to the charge of solicitation to commit murder, which carries a maximum possible prison sentence of nine years, according to prosecutors.

Meggan Lambesis filed for divorce in September 2012, and the divorce may be final by her soon to be ex-husband’s next court appearance.

Warwick describes his client in the following way:

Timothy Lambesis was born in Scottsdale Arizona 32 years ago, and when he was seven, his family moved to the San Diego area. (His two older brothers currently live in Phoenix.) Timmy graduated from a Christian High School in Solana Beach in 1999. “Mister Lambesis received his religious studies degree from this small, private Christian university” named Liberty University, according to Warwick.

Tim Lambesis has been a band member since his senior year of high school and was part of five different bands; he formed the band As I Lay Dying with drummer Jorda Mancino in 2001. Attorney Warwick said the band is “American Christian Metalcore.”

The band As I Lay Dying has released “six studio albums,” the last in September 2012.
Until his arrest, Tim Lambesis lived in Carlsbad with his girlfriend; he rents that home from his parents.

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