Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Jurors start deliberating in Arias murder trial

Jodi-Arias-May-3-2013-Photo-A-The-Arizona-Republic-Rob-Schumacher-Pool2PHOENIX (AP) – The murder case against Jodi Arias in the death of her onetime boyfriend has gone to the jury, which is weighing weeks of evidence and the defendant’s ever-changing version of events.

After closing arguments, the panel deliberated for just about an hour Friday before concluding for the day. Deliberations resume Monday.

Arias says she killed Travis Alexander in self-defense, but prosecutors say it was an act of premeditated first-degree murder that could carry a death sentence or life in prison.

The eight men and four women on the jury have the option of finding Arias guilty of second-degree murder, too, if they don’t believe she planned the attack but think it occurred in the heat of the moment. If convicted on that charge, she could face up to 25 years in prison. A manslaughter conviction carries a sentence of seven to 21 years.

The final statements wrapped up with Arias’ lawyer imploring jurors to take an impartial view of his client, even if they don’t like her, and prosecutors describing the defendant as a manipulative liar who meticulously planned the attack and is still lying.

“It’s not about whether or not you like Jodi Arias. Nine days out of 10, I don’t like Jodi Arias. … But that doesn’t matter,” defense attorney Kirk Nurmi told jurors. Arias smiled as he made the remark, then returned to an unemotional gaze.

Nurmi told jurors the entire case was about “fear, love, sex, lies and dirty little secrets” and repeated over and over that the prosecution’s theory of a planned attack “doesn’t make any sense.”

The trial has become a tabloid and cable TV sensation and has attracted spectators from around the country who line up as early as 2 a.m. for a chance to score a few open seats in the courtroom.

Authorities say Arias, 32, planned the attack on Alexander in June 2008 at his suburban Phoenix home. They say she was enraged because he wanted to end their affair and was preparing for a trip to Mexico with another woman.

Arias initially denied any involvement and later blamed it on masked intruders. Two years after her arrest, she said she killed Alexander in self-defense when he attacked her after a day of sex.

“Fear, love, sex, lies and dirty little secrets,” Nurmi repeated several times Friday. “Each one of these aspects of the human condition plays a prominent role in the relationship that Jodi Arias shared with Travis Alexander.”

On Thursday, prosecutor Juan Martinez delivered the state’s closing arguments, displaying autopsy photos of Alexander’s body covered in stab wounds and bruises, a bullet wound to his forehead.

He described Arias as a liar who planned the savage attack. Martinez said Arias lied from the start and is still lying.

The images displayed Thursday, one after another, of Alexander’s decomposed body and the bloody scene of the killing were too much for Alexander’s friends and family members. They sobbed and buried their faces in their hands.

Alexander suffered nearly 30 knife wounds, was shot in the head, and had his throat slit. Arias’ palm print was found in blood at the scene.

Arias said Alexander grew physically abusive in the months before she killed him, but there was no evidence or testimony during the trial to corroborate her allegations.

The defense has portrayed Alexander as a womanizer who used Arias for sex and abused her physically and emotionally. Prosecutors depicted Arias as an obsessed ex-girlfriend.

Arias’ grandparents had reported a .25 caliber handgun stolen from their Northern California home about a week before Alexander’s death – the same caliber used to shoot him. Arias was staying with them at the time, and the burglary occurred two days after the two exchanged text messages that indicated Alexander no longer wanted anything to do with her. Arias denies taking the gun, but prosecutors say she staged the burglary to get the murder weapon.

Martinez told jurors that Arias had been stalking Alexander and arrived armed and unannounced on the day she killed him, sneaking into his home at about 4 a.m. The two went to sleep together, then awoke and had sex.

At some point, Martinez said, Arias decided it was time to carry out her plan.

Nurmi told jurors on Friday that the state’s theory is “nonsensical.”

He pondered out loud: If Arias had planned the attack in advance, why not kill him right when she arrived at Alexander’s home? Why leave a paper trail, starting with the police report from the burglary? Why rent a car instead of borrowing one from friends or family? Why use her debit card for gas and other purchases instead of cash?

“It doesn’t make sense if you’re on a covert mission,” Nurmi said, adding Arias had numerous other opportunities to kill Alexander.

“But she didn’t,” he said.

Nurmi acknowledged his client is a liar. But he explained she isn’t on trial for lying.

“Nowhere, nowhere in your jury instructions are you asked to convict Jodi Arias of lying,” he said.

Arizona criminal defense lawyer Benjamin Taylor, who sat in on closing arguments, said the defense did a good job at raising reasonable doubt about premeditation.

“Nurmi showed she had plenty of time if she really wanted to kill him,” Taylor said. “After today, it’s going to be hard to get 12 jurors to agree unanimously on premeditation.”

The judge previously instructed jurors that if they couldn’t unanimously agree on premeditation but believed the killing was carried out with malice and not in self-defense, they could settle on a second-degree murder conviction.

Arias said she recalls Alexander attacking her in a fury on the day he died. She said she ran into his closet to retrieve a gun he kept on a shelf and fired in self-defense but has no memory of stabbing him.


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Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:

I am so on this did they se his head almost cut off really ? self defence. no verdict I am scared .

WAT Fan says:

JA had to weave in facts with her lies in order to remain in line with the forensic evidence. JA said herself the shot was first. She was caught off guard when he rose after the shot.

WAT Fan says:

Think about it. She needed him in the shower. She was hoping for less of a mess. Prosecution has it wrong, he was shot first. In the final pic she adked him to look right into the camera, blinding him with the flash. She shoots him. He goes to the sink where the attacked continues, and is finished in the hall.

Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Canadianbunkee says:

Definition of Jodi Arias : Possessive, Sick, Manipulative, Calculating and Vengeful …. Need I say more. To bad that we aren’t able to inflict onto her what she inflicted onto Travis. She should go through the agony and torture …. That’s justice ! Quick Verdict of Guilty in the first degree. Don’t think that the jury will come to that conclusion however.

Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:

Bad spelling still hope you still get it!

Canadianbunkee says:

lol … understand

Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


LoveBunny says:

Some may say that if JA wanted to kill TA then why didn’t she just walk up to the door and shoot him?

I think she wanted to have ‘trophy sex’ with him first and then torture him before murdering him. . . You see, she really wanted him to suffer! That was part of the plan-not a quick death.

I think JA actually enjoyed killing TA because she truly relished punishing him. That is why there are 29 stabbings. She probably found joy every time she plunged the knife.

Hope the jury finds her guilty of 1st degree felony murder. . . Only thing is, that needle in the arm will give her a peaceful death instead of the horrific painful death she gave to TA and that does not seem fair.

Les Symmerall says:

You are right –why people cannot get this is beyond me.

Patricia Nelson says:

I This is my thought on this, she shows up they have sex , had a lewd photo session then he tells her she should leave because she has along drive ahead of her, not asking her to go on vacay she freaking flipped. He used her for sex and that day she finnally got the message and she didn’t like it.

Richmeister says:

It doesn’t make sense! yeah right Nurmi. She didn’t kill Travis right away because there were roommates to worry about. Also she wanted him contained in the shower so she could wash all the evidence away. She thought killing him would be easier, and didn’t count on him getting out. Panic set in, and when she did finally kill him she dragged him back to wash him off. the mess in the bathroom and hall was a result of miscalculation on her part. Oh Mr Nurmi, it does make sense if you apply logic.

Rocky says:

… Stabby could have run out when he was standing over the sink but, Stabby stabbed him in the back until he tried to run out of there and then finished him off… She is a mean evil bitch and should be — Well – you know –

Mariana M. says:

Nurmi says in closing that Jodi did not plan the killing because it makes no sense, since she left a paper trail. But she never thought she’d be caught. No trace of her in Arizona. She never in a million years thought they would retrieve those photos!!!

Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:

I grew up in a very violent house , I did not drive 14,400 MILES TO KILL BECAUSE OF THAT HER EXCUSE.

Patricia Nelson says:

I want you all chime in what happen in that bathroom I wil say my thought

Ricky D says:

Both had issues with their closings. Martinez, whose teeth still has pieces of meat from Samuels and Laviolette in them, started to lose me when he began to go into tangents about lies…lies…lies. All it really takes is one juror to say, “She’s a liar, but liars don’t mean murderers”. However, he did a great pre-emptive strike by addressing and widening loopholes that the defense were emphatically trying to cover up and covered the premeditation part quite well – especially when he used the beach to differentiate direct and circumstantial evidence thus preventing the defense from using it against him. Nurmi had a good return by starting off with the aforementioned “liar does not equal murderer” ideal, but fell flat when he tried to explain away the cover ups with the “if she really wanted to do it, this is how she would have done it” route – particularly the “She could have returned that gas can to ANY Wal-Mart. Why didn’t they check the other Wal-Marts?”. The prosecution only said that she planned it. They said nothing about her planning it *perfectly*. When Martinez rebutted with “TWICE she said right there on the stand that she returned it to the Selinas Wal-Mart and that’s the one we checked”. It was over. Absolute proof that she lied to the jury themselves. Nurmi knows that he is sunk. The “Nine days out of 10, I don’t like Jodi Arias” line is the perfect setup for an appeal. I see a verdict of Felony Murder with aggravating cruelty (the second phase), but no death penalty. Twenty-five to Life.

trialmaniac says:

Nice thing is Nurmi’s comment was stricken from the record so they can’t use that as a reason. Fortunately, the time it has taken for this trial and the evidence which was not allowed was definitely a fair trial.

Charlotte says:

can jury vote Murder 1 – life no parole? and not DP?

Patricia Nelson says:

I have said this all along, it’s not as though she shot him in the foot and ran out this was pure rage.

Donna says:

If it were self defense, one bullet should have put him down long enough to get out. But she stabbed him 30 times and sliced his throat. I do not believe that killing some one for killing some one else is right, God should be the one to decide how it all goes down. And if the death penalty is what she gets then may be that is His plan. I my self believe she deserves the death penalty, then the Lord will make the ultimate decision in the end.

trialmaniac says:

I believe the same as you regarding not putting someone to death. But the majority of individuals are fully aware that if they kill someone like she did that the death penalty is out there. Also the Old Testament gives us many examples in which god himself punished individuals by death. I believe the taking of a innocent life is murder but not those that are a guilty as they can be who has absolutely no remorse for taking a life. Jodi showed absolutely no remorse, her heart is so black that she is evil and a extreme danger to society.

Dennis says:

I can just imagine how she would be in a relationship, she was so flip in her own first degree murder trial just picture her with a boyfriend and be involved, anyone could begin to want her to go away,even if the sex was great !

Patricia Nelson says:

I have a feeling the jury is going to be out for weeks and then the week of June 5 five years to the day of the murder, they are going to bring it. MURDER ONE.

Anne Marie says:

That would be so good… give her the death penalty on the day she murdered travis. That would be perfect Justice… I am not one for the death penalty, but sometimes there are just instances where it is the only choice.. and this is one of them.

Charlotte says:

On another blog comments are that jury will bring back verdict by Monday 4pm – 1st degree or Tues latest. I’m thinking that verdict of Murder 1 DP would take a lot longer for jury to be unanimous – thoughts everyone?

trialmaniac says:

In the Scott Peterson trial it took 12 1/2 hours. I think the jury will take about that amount. Of time too…. This is partially because they will want to make it look like they spent enough time going over evidence etc…. I also think that women and men think so much different regarding relationships so with 8 men on the jury they will probably deliberate different then a jury with would have mostly women on it. Men tend to be more straight to the point…

Opal Black says:

Hard to say. I certainly wouldn’t want to rush that decision. I wouldn’t want to wonder later if I’d overlooked something.

Kristi says:

Nurmi’s multiple responses of “it doesn’t make sense” was ridiculous . If you go by the evidence, there is no doubt she is as guilty as can be. She planned it, she followed through with it, she lied about it and she has no remorse whatsoever! When he said he did not like Jodi 9 out of 10 days, he made it clear with that statement that he did not believe in his own client. The Alexander family has been hurt over and over. Praying the jury gets it right! Guilty of felony murder!

ChristineB says:

Nurmi did the best with what he had. His job was to poke hole in the prosecutions case and poke he did. I don’t get people who personally don’t like him because he is defending Jodi. Without defense attorney’s we would be hanging anyone and everyone in the square like in the good ‘ole days of no justice system.

Juan neglected to state that Jodi planned the murder but was willing to give Travis one more try to take her back–if that failed well you know “he gots to go”. Juan should have also clarified that Jodi did not shoot Travis when she just arrived or when he was sleeping because his roomates were home and for the above reason. I could have won this case hands down and I am not an attorney–don’t give Juan Martinez too much credit. Juan’s voice could not have been more annoying–that’s hard to listen too. The facts were there, the evidence was there, the motive was there, the pictures were there, she was there, this case would have made any prosecutor famous.

joan napolitano says:

couldn’t agree more…someone has represent. I thought he did a good job considering what he had to work with. Neither the prosecutor or Nurmi was perfect both made boo-boos. But hey, we are all human. Personally I doubt if she’ll get first degree premeditated.

jim/dee says:

I completely agree with you!! She went there to try to convince him not to go to Cancun… She thought if she spent the day in bed with him he would change his mind…When He said no and went to shower, she got the gun and knife and she went back into the bathroom to ask him one more time… He again said NO and turned his back to her and faced the wall (in the picture) that is when she stabbed him and now you see him sitting down in the shower (in the picture)…He got out of the shower and stumbled to the sink where she continued to stab him, chased him down the hall and when he fell she slashed his throat and shot him… All of this is so plain to me, I don’t know why the prosecutor didn’t bring up this reasoning…
I have always wanted to be a prosecutor and could have done a pretty good job, I think…JUST SAYING…….

safehaven2013 says:

My mother was verbally and physically abused by my father. I grew up right in the middle of it! I don’t say that to get sympathy, but to point out how much Jodi Arias ticks me off with these lies!
I have waited 5 years for this trial to see the proof of this so called abuse, or to see her fear, her pain, something. ANYTHING to give me some doubt that she is cold blooded. I kept praying nobody could be as cold as she seemed. I actually think even worse of her now than I did before the trial! She showed me nothing.
Sometimes, people don’t shout “abuse” through the rooftops if they are being abused, but they tell someone, eventually, even if it is there own words in a letter or diary! She acts the exact opposite of how my mom reacted to it! My mom actually told plenty of people. She didn’t at first , but eventually had to call the cops too. She also left him a few times before she did for good. She drove 400 miles to get AWAY from my dad. Not TO him.
This chick doodles during her DP trial. She is tweeting again today about Santa Claus and how Juan Martinez is a liar. She can’t even wait til the trial is over. No impulse control? She can’t even fake her lies well. Pathetic!

trialmaniac says:

I think the majority of individuals have experienced some sort of abuse at sometime in their lives. What upsets me things have changed over the last twenty years. The prosecution should have brought up in trial that if she was a battered individual there is so much prevention and help out there that no man or women can say no one would help me. Same goes for stalking, but, facts are facts men are men and the chance of them getting help for being stalked or battered is slim to known, due to a man not feeling quite as afraid and helpless as women do. So sad…..

Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


trialmaniac says:

Pictures are definitely worth a 1000 words in this case, nuff said….

Patricia Nelson says:

I am scared you don’t what is going to go with shady people on this trrial.

Sherry says:

Nurmi sucked. He focused on the sex parts too much, and forgot how his client butchered Travis. Jodi loved the sex, loved debasing remarks, remember? She stalked him, was guilting Travis into thinking she was going to commit suicide. Both Chris and Sky Hughes admitted that. Jodi said she got a divine message that she was to spend the rest of her life with Travis. But, instead of leaving Travis alone she took his life. She was probably holding the gun to his head in the shower photos. She wanted to see the fear in his eyes. I’m hoping for a quick verdict of guilty of the worst degree.

safehaven2013 says:

Sherry, Amen! I agree with you. This trial is literally making me sick! My husband says for me to stop watching it, but absolutely not! Not that I have come this far. I purposely didn’t watch Nurmi today. I did turn it over there every 30 minutes, and, as I predicted, he was talking about sex sex sex sex sex. I am so over it.
The prosecution has already proven those sex tape clips the defense played not credible, by playing the remainder of them in court which clearly showed Arias was egging the talk on, asked Alexander to repeat himself several times (cuz she was recording it w/o his knowledge), deliberately stayed on the subject and even brought certain incidents up herself. But even so, Nurmi just played the edited version again and started talking about 3 hole wonder and pedophilia. So Martinez had to rebut and address all of that again, while Arias doodled.
Then court is over and what does Arias do? She gets on twitter, talks about Santa Claus and ripping into Martinez again, calling him a liar and talking about his past cases. She does this DURING her DEATH PENALTY juror deliberations! WHAT?! WHO does that?!

trialmaniac says:

Someone, with absolutely no conscious, narcissistic, psychopathic, pathological liar, and 100% Borderline ( no offense to borderline’s, it doesn’t mean they are all like her. What’s really sad is that her tweets are allowed to happen with no reprecussions.

Opal Black says:

Really, does anyone still believe it’s actually her on Twitter? It’s her crazy friend Donovan.

Opal Black says:

You know, apart from thinking all murder is murder, that’s the one big reason I don’t think she should get the DP. She will say she is going to join TA in death. She shouldn’t be allowed to. (And don’t say she’ll be in hell and he’ll be in heaven – it won’t matter to her, in her eyes they will be together forever).

Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:

iI am scared there is more men on this verdcct they will be under spell.

Terri says:

Did you see the look on her face as the Jury walked out of the court room to the deliberation room? I have never seen such a creepy cold blooded stare ever. It was as if she was trying to intimidate them. I hope none of them looked at her on their way out. That look gave me chills………..

Joyce says:

A modern day David & Goliath story. It’s not the size of the man in the fight but the size of the fight in this amazing prosecutor with all the brains.

Cherl says:


Whovian says:

if she was abused by travis i think with her psycho personality would have used that to her advantage to snag other men. she would have told them so that they would feel sorry for her and she would have them wrapped around her broken little finger.

LoveBunny says:

Now the Jury just needs to deliver that Guilty of Murder in the 1st degree verdict!

Judy H says:

Jodi WAS NOT a dirty little secret…..the sex stuff they did behind bedroom doors was a dirty secret between them. and yes she loved it !!! I believe there is always at least one person you tell if your abused, I was for several years, and I did confide in one person.

Trial Watcher says:

Does your site offer a text message service for when the verdict comes in?

joan napolitano says:

twitter… he will tweet verdict.

trex4757 says:

Text WAT to 33733.

Patricia Nelson says:

Martinez bringing it right now! My hope is the jury goes in and five minutes later come out with murder one verdict.

Dee says:

She seems so heartless. She’s so guilty!

Washington says:

Pitiful! Like Mr.Martinez said, you don’t need to disguise the truth. The only house of cards here is Jodi’s house of lies! It is over!!!! She is so full of herself that she has instructed her own defense team, evil+lies=who in this trial? J.Arias!!!! She is going to meet her maker, as He is present in that courtroom! Believe that! She said if I killed Travis I would beg for the death penalty…well her narcissism has never stopped even then! Time to pay!

Cherl says:

Believe that!! I sure do~

Judy H says:

Jodi was all smiles and snarky during Juan’s closing, But today she is all about looking sad and forlorn …. Not coloring so much today…

Patricia Nelson says:

I don’t know about wildabout text alert but when the verdict comes down it’s going to be all over the news HLN, Nancy Grace, In Session etc.

merwiller says:

Juan Martinez’ closing statement on Thursday was excellent; he owned that courtroom and Jodi acted like she was taking notes for a story about the trial. She has no soul. If she is not found guilty of first degree murder, our justice system is flawed. It was premeditated. She was a stalker. She is evil. If she were to be acquitted, she would kill again if the man she was obsessed with at that time were to break up, she would have no choice but to kill him. “If I can’t have him, no one can.” The trial has gone on for four long months but in order to cover all bases, the State must not rush a capital murder case. Four months is a millisecond in the big picture. Time for Jodi to go to the big house and hopefully, executed far faster than the inmates in California.

Kristi says:

I could not agree more! Jodi has no soul. No remorse ! She was a smart ass on the stand, so I can just imagine how bad she really was! Even her own parents say she is troubled!

trialmaniac says:

So, sad she was taking notes, hate to tell her but game over….

Candy caccavo says:

Nurmi keeps saying she had plenty of opportunities to shoot Travis in the shower when his back was turned, who do you think asked him to pose this way? Jodi did! But she just couldn’t do it at that moment..she wanted to look at him when she did it! She also loved him so she probably hesitated at some point, until he told her she was not going on the trip..that was all it on!

Eva! says:

I think she wanted him to see her face as she was killing him too. I also think this was part of her plan. If she killed him right away, it would prove premeditation. Having sex with him first will confuse everyone…and now it looks like something happened that caused her to kill him. Allows her to claim self defense or heat of passion

Loriln says:

If the jury understands the instructions given to them, they will find her guilty of murder 1.

Winnson says:


Patricia Nelson says:

Nurmi needs to stop spewing this bs and let Mr. Martinez his last say, GET THIS TO THE JURY TO DECIDE, I AM SURE THEY ARE SO DONE WITH THIS!!!!!!!

Whovian says:

so a premediated murder must be a perfect murder?

Whovian says:

covert can also mean disguised.

julieK says:

I heard that wildabout has a text alert for when verdict comes in anyone know how to sign up for that?

Trex4757 says:

Text WAT to 33733.

Patricia Nelson says:

I get a sick feeling Nurmi is going to drone on for hours, I am already over it.

Victoria says:

Nurmi had as much right to take his ‘5’ hours as Martinez did. Just because you are one sided, lopsided, doesn’t mean everyone is. Justice is about balance, the good and the bad.

Diane says:

Nurmi is so slow presenting his defense. Gosh I hope he doesn’t take all day!!!

Whovian says:

same here.

Patricia Nelson says:

I was not going to watch defense closing, but now I am courious how they are going to spin this.


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