Jessica Ridgeway Murder

Colorado community rallies around memory of Jessica Ridgeway

On Monday the community of Westminster, Colorado continued to show unwavering support for the family of murdered 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway. On Monday the town installed a new sign for the renamed “Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park,” formerly Chelsea Park, where the blonde-haired child was walking when she was abducted.

A local business, Majestic Metal, provided the sign at no cost to the city and said they were happy to have the opportunity. “Of course we felt immediately it was important to help provide the sign for such a memorial deal, for sure,” David Roberts with Majestic Metal told CBS reporters.

In another moving gesture Rabbi Brackman, executive director of the Chabad of NW Metro Denver, invited Sarah Ridgeway, the mother of Jessica and a Christian woman, to light the center candle on a giant menorah in front of a playground at the Orchard Town Center in Westminster. A purple banner stretched across the menorah read “In loving memory of Jessica Ridgeway.”

“The only way you get rid of darkness is to light a candle and show that world the brightness of the candle,” Brackman said.

The center candle has special significance as it is traditionally used to light the other eight candles on the menorah, one each day during the eight days of Hanukkah.

Over 100 people attended the ceremony, including Westminster Mayor Nancy McNally who stood with her arm around Sarah Ridgeway. “They said they don’t want darkness; they want it to turn to light,” McNally said.

These are just two small examples of the community embracing the Ridgeway family in the wake of their tragedy. The town has showed how determined they are to honor Jessica’s memory, and the renamed park will serve as a daily reminder.

Community members also wore purple ribbons to Jessica’s funeral, the 10-year-old’s favorite color.

17-year-old Austin Sigg was arrested and charged with the kidnapping and murder of young Jessica. Sigg’s mother reportedly called authorities and had her son turn himself in. Police say there is significant DNA evidence linking Sigg to the crime.

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