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Court: Zimmerman judge should disqualify himself

ORLANDO, Fla. — Judge in Trayvon Martin killing ordered to disqualify himself

Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. has been ordered to disqualify himself from the George Zimmerman trial for the alleged murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

The Fifth District Court of Appeals in the State of Florida has voted 2-1 to grant the petition of George Zimmerman’s Attorney, Mark O’Mara, challenging the denial of his previous motion to disqualify Judge Kenneth Lester Jr.

The motion to disqualify the judge came in response to comments made by Judge Lester, when setting Zimmerman’s bail at $1 million, that Zimmerman had “flouted” and “tried to manipulate” the system.
In response, O’Mara filed a 17-page document detailing comments made by Judge Lester, such as those above, that indicate a bias against Zimmerman.

In this case where the defendant’s credibility and truthfulness are core issues for the court to consider, this is a positive ruling for the defense. Judge Lester had firmly stated in the previous bond hearing that the defense tried to manipulate the system and provided false testimony, which did not bode well for the defense. The Chief Circuit Judge will appoint a successor judge.

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