Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Travis Alexander’s Report of Autopsy

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Marxman says:

I’m finding it real difficult to consider Travis as an abuser. Who, when released from such an ‘abusive’ situation, goes to such lengths as jodi did, to travel so far into the arms of her abuser? Nonsense!
furthermore, how did Jodi know that Travis’s room-mates would be away?

sherry whittemore says:

Aparrently sir, you know nothing about a woman that has been abused; I was mentally and physically abused by a spouse and was afraid. Don’t make such a comment as “NONSense” because you know nothing of what you speak!

lunagrace says:

last comment pertaining to IN SESSION

Marge M. Bekins says:

this crime was not self defense, Jodi arias premeditated this murder, Jodi planned this whole murder, she is so evil, ive never heard of anything like this in my life,or seen anything like this, what she did to travis alexzander was just torture, I hope that the juriers get her for murder 1, premeditated murder, and she gets the death penality..she does not deserve to live, or live in a prison for the rest of her life, for what she did to travis.. TRAVIS, JUSTICE IS COMEING,THEY WILL GET JUSTICE FOR YOU FOR WHAT THIS PSYCHO JODI DID TO YOU..IVE WATCHES THIS WHOLE CASE LIVE ON TV, AND JUSTICE WILL BE HERE SOON..

Dawna says:

The women on “SNAPPED” have been conflicted after they kill and they often have bruises and blood on them when they r arrested and have a history of abuse . Jodi shows no evidence of abuse. She should be put in a cell alone with no human contact ….She is EVIL.

paula says:

I am totally against taking someone’s life unless it is to save your own… That said I feel Horriable for The Family of Travis Alexander! The loss and how the loss happened will forever play over in their heads. I ask myself over and over WHAT SANE person could do this????? NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Uncle shot my step Grandfather in the face as he came in from work one day. He however was already certifiably INSANE!!!! Not that you could ever tell he was not normal unless in his manic state. I still will never understand how our minds work I surely can not understand shooting and stabbing someone 28 times in self defense. Jodi’s elevator does not go all the way to the top!!!!! Life in Prison wont phase her because she does not live in the hear and now anyway. This woman lives in her own mind and makes it up as she goes along. However if she has always been like this and acting in a manor as being a crazy person would the people closest to her not know? In all I just feel for Travis’s Family my prayers are with them.

Linda Ramos says:

Is it possible to match up the bullet in Travis’ head with sample bullet that gun manufacturers keep in order to prove premeditation by showing that the bullet from the gun Jodi used actually came from the missing gun from the robbery?

sherry whittemore says:

Just EXACTLY are you trying to say, and end with a question mark too?

Melanie McFall says:

I was abused by my ex for 4yrs. and had to get away before something bad happened 28yrs.ago. Jodi is the batterer as far as I’m concerned and if Travis was abusive he would have been the one that flattened her tires. I am shocked that she is the one crying out abuse when it should have been Travis. I feel offended by her because I know what it’s like and how it feels to be in a domestic violent relationship. Jodi Arias was not in a violent relationship with Travis Alexander, Travis Alexander was in a violent relationship with Jodi Arias.

Marysapp Armstrong says:

I am closely following this trial and I sit wondering…why didn’t plead insanity. Clealy she is quite mentally disturbed.

paula says:

I agree 100 percent!!!! Like I said What SANE person does things like this. I do believe abused woman snap. However I do not believe that Travis abused her.

Shadochasr says:

You evidencely do not know about guns. A 25 will not splatter blood all over one. It put a little hole in one body and then the bullet can ping around inside the body. That was or is one of the best killing guns up close. But not necessarily with one shot. if he was as mad as she says he might not have even know he was shot.

jerome says:

Ok, please educate yourself…a gunshot that enters the brain will incapacitate you immediately, the caliber of the bullet is not significant…people commit suicide with .22 caliber. The fact that the bullet traveled through the brain and never exited is significant. NOBODY is going to be shot and be doing anything after that when shot in the brain… so regardless of how much adrenaline, how mad he “Supposedly” was…etc…it doesn’t matter, he would have dropped immediately…NOT died immediately…just immediately incapacitated… that’s a simple fact!

Michael Fierstos says:

Being the only western nation that allows the death penality, It is barbaric. We have more people in prison than any other country in the world…ya seeing something wrong. The sad thing I see is a Prosecuter looking for reelection other than giving her life without parole. This trial has gone on so long and at such an expense it destroyed IN SESSION.

Paul says:

Jodi Arias executed Travis Alexander. Do you think that his death sentence was, as you say, barbaric ?

smh says:

um yeah. that’s why no one is electing Jodi to office.

lunagrace says:

please elaborate,Ive been wondering why its down to 2 hours,Ill be lost if they stop altogether…..

kathy says:

Yes we do have more in prison, barbaric? I will give u barbaric! Our children are fighting yet another unwinnable war in which many of our kids were beheaded almost like travis while crying out for their mothers! My son fought too! 4 x honorable to fight ppl our president doesnt want to defeat or help on the other end! That kill, behead instead of imprison and wipe their ass with one hand and eat with the other! While building IEDs to murder our children so other kids like MINE who arent taught that kind of hate and horror and cannot deal with it are left to try and retrieve what ever pieces of their buddies buddies defiled by said IED s so that something can be sent homentontheir parentsbto bury! Only to serve proudly and never be ablento get those images out ofbtheir heads and be deniednthe helpnthey need and earned tongo on! Google to see what an IED blast does to a human body! THEN YOU TELL ME about BARBARIC? My son and others are dying and serving so ppl like jodi can sit around and abuse their freedoms and take advantage of every right ever fought for in years past in this country! What a gargantuan slap in the face!

bonniefollett says:

She says the camera fell in the bathmat but in pictures I don’t see a bathmat?


if I was fighting for my life the last thing I would be on the stand is smug, combative, arrogant, laughing, etc. The only way she may stand a chance of not being put to death is to throw herself on mercy of court and tell the jury exactly what happened and beg them to spare her life, apologize to the court and go Travis’s family and explain to them that she snapped in a rage. In doing so she would have to put her best foot forward and shed tears that are REAL and I do mean REAL, not the unbelievable tears she has been shedding so far if not needle is her furture. As far as she not knowing she shot him is crap. Number one she was too close when she shot him not to have markngs on his face because of the distance. Number two she would have been covered with blood splatter. She is truly a sick person who should not be permitted to walk freely amongst society because if she does walk was will be seeing her again with another unfortunate victim. DEATH TO LOLITA JODI!!!! The tax payers should not have to pay to keep this excuse for a human being to live the rest of her life with living quarters, food, social activities, library and every other amenity afforded to prisoners..

Niesy says:

I agree with that Mary! I recently just looked at the photos of the horrific crime scene and not only was I heart broken I was pissed off. I can’t believe someone can do something like this to someone they love! Can you imagine if one of his roommates walked in? They would have been slaughtered as well. Point blank Jodi doesn’t deserve any justice, NONE. She deserves the death penalty and some people believe that rotting in jail forever all alone is worse, well not in this case. She needs to be scared just like Travis was, awaiting the day she dies. Just watching her on trial disgusts me because she clearly has no remorse, and she’s fabricated this whole story about blacking out. This woman remembers everything she did to Travis, and whether she receives prison time or the death penalty, Travis’s family deserves to know the truth as grueling as it may be, they deserve to know everything.


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