George Zimmerman

Order Excluding The Opinion Testimony of Mr. Owen and Mr. Reich

Zimmerman Order Excluding Testimony

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As I have watched the trial of GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, I notice so much more about this person. While he is in the courtroom, GEORGE finds it ammusing to have a Zippered large leather type BRIEF CASE, which he has his own notes inclosed. Every day so far, GEORGE unzips this leather type brief case, and removes a pencil, pen and loose 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, which he begins to write what is being said, and what is asked of each witness!!!!! Maybe this is Normal, however, it looks like he is writing down exactly what each witness on the STATE’S side is saying, plus, he stops writing when the Lawyers on the STATE side are not speaking!!!!!! What I gather from this action is GEORGE wants to have a complete coverage of this case, and what he is going to do with this, only he knows!!!!!!! I also notice that GEORGE can’t stop blinking when something seems to catch his “GUILT” mode. He will blink quickly, turn his head from side to side, and look at the cornor of his eyelid to see what is going on. He gives one the impression that he doesn’t want them to see him looking at them, plus, it is also a sneeky way of watching someone!!!!!! He isn’t looking good, and I do hope the JURY will convict him of “SECOND DEGREE MURDER”!!!!!!!!! LOGICALLY—–GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, DID NOT DO WHAT THE DISPATCH ASKED HIM TO DO, AFTER HE WAS ASKED—-“ARE YOU FOLLOWING THE MAN”???? GEORGE ANSWERED “YES”, AND THE DISPATCH TOLD HIM—–“WE DON’T NEED YOU TO DO THAT”!!!!!! GEORGES RESPONSE WAS—-“OK”, BUT GEORGE CONTINUED TO FOLLOW TRAVON ANYWAY!!!!!!!!

THIS CASE OF MURDER—-LOGICALLY, REASONABLE, AND WITH COMMON SENSE, IS COMPLETELY GEORGES FAULT!!!!!!! GEORGE, FOLLOWED, EVEN TOLD NOT TO, AND CONTINUED ANYWAY. GEORGE WAS DETERMINED TO FIND TRAVON, AND KILL THIS YOUNG MAN!!!!!!!!!! FOR THIS ACTUAL ACTION THAT GEORGE TOOK, HE NEEDS TO BE IN PRISON FOR “MURDER”!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE ELSE DOING THIS, CERTAINLY WOULD BE IN PRISON!!!!!! What really gaulls me is the attitude he shows in the courtroom, how sure he is that he is innocent, and how he wants to make sure the jurors will find him INNOCENT!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe that in FLORIDA they would permit someone who murdered someone else, BAIL, to be at home, and not have to stay in prison!!!!!!!! I am glad that “WILD ABOUT TRIALS”, is showing this from gavel to gavel, and thank heaven for the people who put this on the internet for all of us to watch!!!!!!!! I appreciate having the opportunity to watch is trial, and I hope with all my heart that “JUSTICE” IS EXACTLY WHAT TRAVON MARTIN’S FAMILY AND TRAVON MARTIN RECEIVE. I am sure TRAVON is in HEAVEN, and he does has the chance to watch this as well!!!!!! GOD BLESS THE MARTIN FAMILY, AND MAY THIS BE THE ANSWER FOR TRAVON’S MOM!!!!! THIS WOMAN IS SHOWING STRENGTH, HONOR AND KINDNESS WHILE SHE AND TRAVON’S FATHER ARE IN THE COURTROOM WATCHING THIS TRIAL. THE BOTH OF THESE PEOPLE NEED “JUSTICE, PEACE,AND LOTS OF LOVE”!!!!!!!!!


THANK YOU………………………………………………..


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