Dr. Martin MacNeill

Defense successfully removes judge in murder case against Utah doctor

Martin MacNeill photo / Source - ABC newsThe murder case against Martin MacNeill, the Utah doctor accused of murdering his wife, will be heard in front of a new judge in the 4th District Court, according to a report by the Daily Herald.

A motion to disqualify Judge Samuel McVey from was filed August 26 and granted on August 27 after a phone conference with Judge McVey. Judge Derek Pullan will now preside over the case.

The motion and supported documents are sealed and not available to report.

The murder trial is scheduled to begin October 8, but according to the Daily Herald that date may be pushed back a week to allow the new judge time to familiarize himself with the case.

MacNeill is charged with murder and obstruction of justice in the 2007 drowning death of his wife Michele. Prosecutors allege that he overmedicated his wife and drowned her in order to be with his mistress named Gypsy Willis.

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