Clark Rockefeller

DNA expert can’t link Rockefeller impostor to murder

A DNA expert testified Monday that she was unable to find DNA on the plastic used to wrap the bones of John Sohus, the San Marino man whose remains were found buried in his backyard, or link Sohus’ former tenant, Christian Gerhartsreiter, to DNA evidence on postcards that prosecutors allege were sent by Gerhartsreiter to help cover up the murder.

Tiffany Shew, a senior criminologist for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Scientific Services Bureau testified that it was not surprising that there was no DNA on the plastic because microorganisms eat away DNA evidence over time.

Sohus’ remains were discovered in May 1994 during an excavation of his backyard to put in a swimming pool. Witnesses also testified that John and his wife Linda Sohus disappeared in February 1985, the same time that Gerhartsreiter lived in their guesthouse.

Gerhartsreiter gained notoriety for posing as Clark Rockefeller, but he went by the name Christopher Chichester when he resided on John and Linda Sohus’ property. He is charged with the murder of John Sohus and prosecutors allege he is also responsible for Linda’s disappearance.

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