Dr. Martin MacNeill

Doctor pleads not guilty of murder in wife’s death; trial set for March

Dr. Martin MacNeill, 56, pleaded not guilty on Monday to charges of murder and obstructing justice in the April 11, 2007, death of his wife Michele, 50. The trial is scheduled to begin March 5, 2013, and last until April 4.

“We’re happy it’s going to be after the holidays, but we’re anxious to get this to trial and see my dad go to jail permanently for my mother’s murder,” said MacNeill’s daughter Alexis Somers after the hearing.

MacNeill is accused of administering his wife a cocktail of drugs and then drowning her. Michele was found upside down in reddish brown water by their six-year-old daughter. Several doctors testified at a preliminary hearing but provided different conclusions about the cause of death, with one doctor determining Rachel died from drowning while another determined she died from a combination of heart disease and drug toxicity.

Shortly after his wife’s death MacNeill moved his longtime mistress, Gypsy Willis, into his house as the new nanny. Willis testified in a prior hearing that she had an affair with MacNeill beginning in 2005. Prosecutors believe MacNeill killed his wife to be with Willis.

“The court believes there is probable cause to believe that MacNeill died by drowning and was subjected to drowning by the defendant,” Fourth District Judge Samuel McVey said after the preliminary hearing when he determined that MacNeill would have to stand trial for his wife’s murder.

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