Albrecht Muth

Doctors: Albrecht Muth still fit for trial

Doctors evaluating accused murderer Albrecht Muth filed a letter in court Friday confirming that while Muth has several psychological disorders, he is fit for trial.

Muth, 51, is accused of murdering his 91-year-old wife Viola Drath, a member of Washington D.C.’s social elite. Drath’s body was found in the second-floor bathroom of the home she and Muth shared. Muth initially told police his wife died from a fall, but a medical examiner later ruled that she had been beaten and strangled. Muth then alleged that his wife’s death was a failed Iranian assassination attempt.

The mental examination report filed with the court diagnosed Muth with a personality disorder with “narcissistic, antisocial and schizotypal personality traits,” but it did not recommend further hospitalization, according to St. Elizabeth’s CEO Patrick Canavan.

“[He] has maintained a factual understanding of court material, and monitoring of his physical health could occur in another setting,” the letter states.

Muth has undergone several hunger strikes since his first competency determination in September and has been hospitalized for dehydration. At his court appearances during this time, he has appeared weak and unable to stand through the entirety of the proceedings.

Despite starving himself, doctors stated in the report that “Mr. Muth’s mental status has remained stable over the last several months” and they believe his is able to cooperate with his attorneys.

Trial is currently scheduled for March, 2013, barring any further competency setbacks.

Ryan Kerns, Esq., Wild About Trial

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