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Donald Sterling Doesn’t Disappoint On Stand

sterling7-smallDonald Sterling was highly confrontational with attorneys after taking the stand during the second day of his Probate trial to determine , offering belittling remarks in response to questions during his 90-minute testimony on Tuesday during the second day of his Probate trial to determine the validity of Shelly Sterling’s

“Be a man!” Donald Sterling responded when questioned by Shelly’ Sterling’s attorney. “What do you want to ask me? … I’m sure your questions will improve.”

“Tell me where this [question] is relevant, and that you’re not just being a smart ass.”

Judge Michael Levanas stopped short of criticising Mr. Sterling’s conduct as he futilely tried to gain control of the courtroom, calling the outbursts “mildly entertaining.”

The 80-year-old billionaire responded to questioning with a variety of wild accusations, accusing Shelly Sterling’s attorney of trying to perpetrate a fraud on the court, Geriatric Psychiatrist Dr. James Spar of being a hired gun that is part of a conspiracy against him, and Neurologist Dr. Meril Platzer of being intoxicated while conducting her examination in his Beverly Hills house.

Both Dr. Platzer and Dr. Spar conducted individual examinations and viewed brain scans before concluding that Donald Sterling likely has Alzheimer’s and was no longer competent to act as trustee of the Sterling Family Trust.

With his mental capacity a primary topic of questioning on Tuesday, there was an even greater focus placed on Donald Sterling’s demeanor and behavior on the stand.

The real estate magnate varied wildly in his deportment between demonstrating a sharp wit and flashes of the financial acumen that has made him so successful, then pleading a faulty memory and indignantly attacking opposing attorneys when challenged on dates or prior statements made even minutes before.

Donald Sterling insisted that his decision to revoke the family trust and back out of the $2 Billion sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was for financial reasons, and had nothing to do with pride or vindication.

He stated that while he loves his wife, Shelly, she does not have the ability to properly negotiate the deal. “It is ludicrous to think that she could run a corporation with $1 Billion is liabilities to different banks.”

He stated confidently that he could receive Billions more if allowed to negotiate the sale of the Clippers himself and through an anti-trust lawsuit against the NBA.

Donald Sterling will take the stand again Wednesday at 1:30pm.

Listen to the Sterling – Platzer Voice Mail here

Listen to the Sterling – Spar Voice Mail here

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lee c fairfax says:

He really has nothing to loose but a few mill he won’t miss. He doesn’t care, only wants the right to negotiate for himself. they will never prove him incompetent and he is having himself a good time saying exactly what he wants. I don’t even think they have the right to take the team from him no matter who he insults. (If he had ‘only’ been taped calling his gal pal a c-word would we be here, in court today?) the players could sue him for hostile work environment, maybe… and the fans could go elsewhere but words can’t cause the loss of property.


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