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Elizabeth Johnson’s Myspace: “Kiss my ass suckas”

Day four of the Elizabeth Johnson trial concluded with a flurry of technical experts for the Tempe Police Department testifying about pictures, recordings, financial transactions and Elizabeth Johnson’s GPS device.

Detective Todd Bailey of the Tempe Police Department’s computer forensic unit took the stand to testify about Johnson’s GPS and camera. He told the jury that according to the address inputs in her GPS, she had been to Houston TX, San Antonio TX, Nashville TN, and Fort Lauderdale FL. The prosecutor introduced the camera into evidence to show pictures of a happy baby Gabriel, normally in the loving arms of his father. A separate detective testified that in an investigation of Johnson’s Myspace account he saw that Johnson posted after Gabriel’s disappearance “Kiss my ass, suckas.”

The prosecution’s final witness of the day, Detective Naomi Galbraight, testified that she did financial checks for Johnson and the Smiths. She learned that Johnson emptied her bank account on December 18, 2009, right around the time she disappeared with Gabriel. She found no evidence of Gabriel’s whereabouts from the Smiths’ financial records.

The prosecution also called Officer Duarte and Detective Frank Aguilera to the stand who said that they conducted interviews with Johnson at her trailer and Tammi and Frank Smith at their house. They learned that Johnson met Tammi Smith at the airport, they spoke about adoption at their first meeting, and after some time Johnson called up Tammi Smith to allegedly take her up on her offer. Johnson told them specifically that she had given up either “custody” or “guardianship” of Gabriel to Tammi Smith.

Earlier in the day the Prosecution called Johnson’s neighbors Gabriel Salas and Natalie Robertson to the stand. Their testimony was not very probative as neither witness had any knowledge of Gabriel’s situation or a close relationship with their neighbors. They testified primarily about Logan McQueary and their observations of him in the yard taking care of Gabriel and making improvements on the house.

The prosecution has called twenty witnesses to the stand in three days of testimony, including its primary witness Logan McQueary, Gabriel’s father. They plan to call more witnesses Thursday and again on Monday.

Closing arguments are currently scheduled for Wednesday, October 3, but that could be pushed back if Johnson decides to testify.

Johnson broke down in court Tuesday with an emotional outburst that halted testimony. However, her demeanor has been calm throughout most of the proceedings.

The defense has only asked a handful of question on cross-examination thus far. But this isn’t a major surprise since defense attorney Marc Victor said before trial that they would not challenge many of the facts.

Johnson faces charges of kidnapping, custodial interference and conspiracy to commit custodial interference.

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