Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Explicit phone conversations between defendant, slayed lover

PHOENIX (AP) — Jurors heard a sexually explicit phone recording Tuesday between a woman and her one-time lover in the months before she killed him, and she described again how he allegedly abused her both mentally and physically.

Jodi Arias, 32, faces the death penalty if convicted of first-degree murder in the killing of Travis Alexander. She is set to resume testimony Wednesday after spending five days on the witness stand where she described intimate details of her relationship and childhood.

The recording, which she taped just several weeks before the June 2008 killing, ranged from raunchy talk to banter about “Batman” and “Spider-Man” movies. Arias was giggly as the two joked, exchanged stories and sang an Alanis Morissette song to each other. As she listened to the recording from the witness stand, Arias broke down in tears, keeping her head down most of the time.

She later testified about more beatings she said she suffered at the hands of Alexander, recounting a time he choked her into unconsciousness. She had previously described similar instances.

However, Arias never went to a hospital for injuries she claims she suffered, never reported anything to police, and jurors have yet to hear from any witnesses or view any evidence establishing a history of the victim’s violence or supposed interest in child pornography.

Alexander’s friends say Arias is lying.

Arias has said that she didn’t stop having sex with him after he became abusive because she loved him.

“I was making a string of bad choices during that time in my life,” Arias said.

Prosecutors claim Arias killed Alexander in a jealous rage, stabbing and slashing him 27 times, slitting his throat and shooting him in the head in his suburban Phoenix home. Arias says it was self-defense after changing her story several times about what happened. She now claims Alexander attacked her, forcing her to fight for her life.


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SouthernBelle says:

I can understand how this could happen. I stayed with my ex husband for lot longer than I should. I was abused physically and emotionally. I was shot at and choked. My dumbass stayed with him because I thought (like most women) he will change. I thought because we were married and had a baby together that he would eventually change. Because I loved him so much I allowed him to do whatever to me. After going through this for awhile I realized that it was ridiculous. Once I. Saw that my kids were in danger I left. His abuse went to me and he started getting really angry with the kids. So before he could hurt any of them I left. I made police reports and he was arrested just to bond out and be more pissed off at me. He would stalk me and find me anywhere I went. He put my kids and family endanger. And everyone just thought he was just this good ol boy from the county. I dont understand how with his many police records. But it was taken lightly and since I left him several other womehave come out and said he abused them and beat her kids. My point is she could be telling the truth. Obviously those who thought they knew him didn’t know that side if him. It happens and its real. My soon to be ex is sitting in a hospital bed dying and waiting for a heart transplant and still threatens me and cusses me out. If I didn’t have great friends and family and a few police officers who stood by me and helped I would be in her shoes today. I was at the end of my rope. I don’t know what Im capable of if someone were trying to kill me or put me in a position where I thought I had no way out. I am by no means saying murder is the answer to anything. But when you feel trapt and no one is there to help you and you know no onewill believe you because they think this guy is an angel it is hard to find an easy solution. I feel for her. She was so in love with him and would of probably done anything for him and I feel like he took advantage of that.

Justice says:

The BIG difference is that YOU made police reports and had friends that knew you were going through this. She (JA) has nothing to support her story other than some raunchy recorded phone conversations. There are no police report, no one who witnessed his “violence”, no friends who can testify that he EVER abused her!

5foothead2toe says:

It seems to me that part of Jodi’s premeditation was that Travis died in that shower by the gun shot, that way she could have cut up the body with little evidence being left behind except in the shower itself. Remember the comment she made to a cell mate that she was planning to kill him and dump his body parts around town. Also, has anyone looked at Jodi’s, ex boyfriends, friends computers, books etc., she may have utilized as searches in preparation for this murder. When the gun shot didn’t kill Travis and he ran to save his life, too much evidence left that shower and Jodi had to come up with another story. Also, like Michael Douglas character in fatal attraction, Michael never became physical with Alex until she began threatening him, his Wife and way of life. These fears can drive an ordinarily nice person to do things he’d never do unless provoked. I hope the prosecution has done their gum shoe best to really find out who Jodi was.

victoriaGreen says:

Idk what’s been edited. However what I did hear was a guy who for sure had 2 very different sides. I feel the phone recording is a huge help for the defense. If anything WAS edited it sure wasn’t edited to make Travis look good.
Btw I’m having trouble streaming this on wild about trial but appreciate the updates :)

victoriaGreen says:

lori390 I had to look it up on youtube.

CuriousCourt says:

Do you know if the utube recording is the complete recording? Even In Sessions is editing the content of the recording and the trial coverage. It seems anytime there is something that would make Travis look bad, they don’t play it. I appreciate Wild About Trial for playing the entire recording and not editing the trial. I don’t bother trying to watch it on In Sessions, to hear it all I rely on Wild About Trial. Good Job WAT! Thanks.

lori390 says:

I haven’t found recording either? ?

VictoriaGreen says:

I agree with you CuriousCourt.
Their Convo seemed very stale. She was being used. Plenty of RED flags in this phone call ….unfortanatly 4 Jodi her favorite color must have been red.

CuriousCourt says:

She sounded like a giddy school girl with a crush on the star quarterback football player. You can tell she was not really pleasuring herself, she was just doing and saying anything to try to please Travis.

tx_howdy says:

why isn’t the recording on this website or will it be?


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