Maine Zumba Madam

Four men plead guilty in Zumba prostitution case

Four of the accused Johns in the Alexis Wright Zumba Madam scandal pleaded guilty to engaging a prostitute and received fines.

Lawyers for the four men appeared in York County Superior Court and entered guilty pleas on their clients’ behalf without the men having to personally appear.

Court records show that attorneys appeared on behalf of Ryan P. Saucier, 21, of 45 Forest Ave., South Portland, and Benjamin Bouma, 40, of Peoria, Ariz., on November 7 in front of Judge Roland A. Cole. Attorneys appeared for Michael Sherwood, 53, of 1011 Washington St., Portland, and Bradford Siegel, 56, of 14 Millridge Road, Cumberland, on November 9 in front of Judge G. Arthur Brennan.

Bouma, Saucier, Sherwood, and Siegel paid fines and fees totaling $970, $490, $970, and $610 respectively.

These cases were handled quickly because the men acted before the police issued a criminal complaint against them. They knew charges would be pending, and they got a jump on their case by filing an “information” which is a one-page document that describes what the criminal complaint would have said if it had been issued. Using an “information” and a guilty plea is an expedited way to get a case out of the criminal justice system as quickly as possible.

Alexis Wright, 29, is accused of operating a one-woman prostitution operation out of her Zumba dance studio in the upscale town of Kennebunk, Maine, and secretly videotaping her encounters. The scandal has gained national notoriety because of the extensive list of Johns, estimated at around 150, including several prominent men.

Wright is charged with 106 counts of prostitution, invasion of privacy, tax evasion and other related charges. She has pleaded not guilty in a Portland Superior Court.

Ryan Kerns, Esq., Wild About Trial

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