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Zimmerman contacts known racist pastor Terry Jones from jail

Recent testimony from a woman identified as “Victim 9” accused George Zimmerman of molesting her and described alleged racist tendencies of the Zimmerman family. Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s attorney has tried to have this testimony barred from evidence, as well as numerous phone calls he made during his initial stint in jail after the February incident.

Among the 150-plus phone calls, most conversations between family and friends, is one from controversial and known racist pastor Terry Jones. Jones was behind a highly publicized attempt to organize a public Quran burning and also infamously hung a Barack Obama “dummy” in effigy in front of his church.

In a phone conversation between Jones and Zimmerman, Zimmerman pleads with the pastor to hold off on a support rally Jones had been planning with his congregation.

“I was calling today to ask you humbly, from one God-fearing sinner to another, for time for healing, for not only the city of Sanford but America,” Zimmerman says to Jones. “I know that your intentions are good, and I know that ultimately God will see his will be done, however, I see that Saturday — I just ask that you allow the city to heal and America to heal.”

Jones had wanted to use Zimmerman’s imprisonment after the death of Trayvon Martin as a rally point for a constitutional rights demonstration. Zimmerman went on to ask Jones to come and pray with him in the Jail instead.

“I just ask that perhaps instead of coming Saturday and protesting, we allow law enforcement to do their job and not lose focus, and that perhaps you could even come and visit and pray with me instead of protesting”

Zimmerman is charged with shooting Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, as Martin walked through his apartment complex late one night on his way home. The case has drawn nationwide accusations that Martin was profiled because of his skin color.

Recorded jailhouse phone conversations recently landed Zimmerman back in jail for one month on charges of perjury.

Aashiq Nazim, Wild About Trial

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