Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Jodi Arias Penalty Phase Retrial Pushed Back

jodi-arias-8-27-13PHOENIX (AP) — A retrial to decide whether convicted murderer Jodi Arias is sentenced to life in prison or the death penalty has been pushed back from March 17 because of a prosecutor’s scheduling conflict.

The Arizona Republic ( ) reports that prosecutor Juan Martinez is supposed to begin another potential death penalty trial on May 12.

In a hearing Tuesday in Maricopa County Superior Court, Presiding Criminal Judge Joseph Welty ruled the trial of a man accused of killing a Phoenix-area police officer in 2007 will go first. It’s the oldest capital murder case in the county awaiting trial.

Welty left the rescheduling of Arias’ penalty phase retrial to Judge Sherry Stephens.

The 33-year-old Arias was convicted last May of killing her boyfriend at his suburban Phoenix home in 2008, but the jury couldn’t reach a verdict on her sentence.


Source: AP

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lee c fairfax says:

the first jury has a lot of soul searching to do for sticking the system with this extended mess. the State has to rewrite this law allowing a ‘2nd’ penalty phase. Just keep the jury and go back to deliberation. this is purely pistachio.

Starieye1 says:

Every one keeps saying Juan is showing off….NO hes fighting for Travis and his family to get the justice they so deserve!! Why cant these people see that!?! Lets not forget that Jodi DID beg for the death penalty. Give the girl what she asked for!! LWOP? NO that would be too easy for Arias. She deserves nothing! She deserves death. Atleast on death row she would only have herself in a cell, no perks and will be miserable until she gets the needle. Lets all hope that when that day comes it will be slow and very painful as she soo deserves!!

Starieye1 says:

This trial should be finished before starting another one!! Judge Stephens needs to stop putting it off. It is NOT just Juan who is seeking the death penalty for Arias. It is Travis &his family! Arias deserves the death penalty. I as a Az taxpayer do NOT want to pay for her everyday life. LWOP would be too good for her. She deserves to sit on death row, with nothing. NO perks, just the 4 walls by herself. Travis WILL get the justice he deserves,..he just shouldn’t have to wait any longer! Stephens should show Travis &the Alexanders the respect and finish before starting another trial.Shame on her!!

HaroldLoewenstine says:

Why doesn’t the prosecutor quit showing off and get Jody to accept a life sentence with no chance of parole and save the tax payers a ton of money. The problem is the prosecutor wants to perform for the court and public instead of doing what is best for the general public who are paying the bill. Mr. Martinez get a life and move on your not a movie star.

Toni Tommasi says:

i agree. the state of arizona shouldnt get a second chance at the sentencing phase


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