Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Jodi Arias’ reported jail house tweets

Jodi Arias, the woman at the center of the murder trial that has captivated national audiences since the beginning of the year, is reportedly tweeting … from jail.

According to MyFoxPhoenix Arias has been communicating with hundreds of followers via Twitter as @JodiAnnArias. She has commented on everything from her artwork appreciating in value since Ebay refused to sell it to pointed comments at the prosecutor in her still ongoing murder trial

“Hmm… Anger Management problems anyone?” Jodi allegedly tweeted April 5, presumably referring to prosecutor Juan Martinez who is notorious for his aggressive style of examining witnesses.

She continued her apparent online attack of Martinez, writing: “Those afflicted with Little Man’s Syndrome taint society’s perception of genuinely good men who happen to be vertically challenged.”

According to Fox 10 News, the Twitter account is managed by Arias’ friend Donavan Bering who told reporters that she speaks with Arias on a daily basis and updates the account with new messages from Arias.

As this story grows, so does the number of Arias’ Twitter followers. She now has over 3,500.

Arias is accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in a jealous rage. Defense attorneys, however, say that she was attacked by an abusive ex and she was forced to defend herself.

Alexander was found dead in his Mesa, Arizona apartment on June 9, 2008. He had been shot in the head, stabbed 27 times, and his throat was slit.

Arias originally told authorities that she was not at the apartment the day Alexander was killed but she changed her story when authorities found naked photos of Arias and Alexander together at the apartment on the day he was killed and Arias’ bloody hand print at the scene.

Arias then concocted a story about two home invaders that came into the apartment and killed Alexander. Now Arias has testified under oath that she killed Alexander, but it was in self-defense.

You can watch the trial live on Wild About trial.

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Jody Lee says:

I have been watching most of the trial up here in Minnesota. I lived in Phoenix most of my life though. It is no wonder this case is captivating so many around the world. Jodi Arias is a very pretty woman and it is just hard to comprehend that any woman would be so controling and evil. To me it seems like she planned this out from the beginning and when her plan did not work. It was only then she admitted to the killing. I believe that Travis was trying to move on and she just was not going to allow this or his trip to cancun. It will be interesting to she if she gets the death penalty. I personally dont think she will. She will enjoy the rest of her life having fun with the girls! They just don’t seem to execute beautiful girls or people with money that have good defense lawyers. Unfortunately our justice system is far from perfect. And I can tell you first hand. The justice system in Phoenix is way messed up. The whole penal system in Arizona needs to be looked at VERY closely by the federal government. If the average person in America knew the way the Arizona runs their courts and penal system. THEY WOULD FREAK…BELIEVE ME!!!!!! JOE ARAPIO MUST GO FOR STARTs!!!!

Sarah says:

Oh the fact this crazy killer is even allowed the luxury of drawing seems contradictory of the penal system. I understand the presumption of innocence however not the case here at all since we have an admitted killer. I pray the jurors are smarter than the Casey Anthony case. That was the first case I watched all the way through and was so sickened by the outcome. I am not condemning the jurors, simply saying, they forgot to bring common sense into deliberations!!. Something I have faith this jury will NOT do. This case seems slam dunk and Arias is guilty of Pre-meditated Murder 1. I’ll keep praying for Travis and his family to get the justice they deserve. @Bonner, oh please, I guess there has to be a few crazies drinking the Arias Kool-Aid. Not this one.

Bonnie Nadaud says:

I would love to see this Psycho.. Spend the Rest of her Life on Death Row, waiting and wondering when her time would come, and see No Daylight, Sunshine, Rain, Snow… in Full Isolation… Travis haunting her Dreams for the rest of her Miserable life……. “Life” Putting someone to Sleep is just too damn Easy… My Opinion..

Tanya says:

I have watched the whole trial I have seen nothing heard nothing that convinces me that she was DEFENDING herself!!! This man whether he had multiple sex partners,kinky sex, or just loved 69’s he has defense wounds up and down front and back on his body, makes me believe she planned this took him by surprise and just brutally took Travis’ life!!! The needle to me is an easy way out but I believe that’s the least she deserves!!! She truly enjoyed and is enjoying what she has done! My opinion only!!

Patricia Nelson says:

Keep tweeting your day is coming. Murder one.

Santee says:

At the very least she will have scarcely anything to allege in her appeals thanks to the proficiency and décor of that little man.

Jasmine says:

The fact that this murderer has twitter followers makes me SICK! Quit making psychopaths/sociopaths celebrities people!!!! Who cares what she has to say. She shouldn’t be so nonchalantly tweeting messages through her friend. She’s on trial for her life. Watching her sit there & whisper to her attorneys & laugh & giggle & mouth things like she’s at the freakin’ movies. To disrespect the prosecutor through twitter just, again, shows the “true colors” of Jodi Arias!!! She thinks she’s so damn smart! Juan is so angry because You slit a man’s throat…EAR TO EAR!!! It doesn’t matter how tall or short he is, he is representing most people who are just so outraged by the amount of excessive violence in this case. Abused or not abused, when you choose to take someone out (by slitting their throat), you’ve made the decision to do that & will pay the consequences of such an action. Tweet that.

Robin says:

Juan Martinez is the tallest short man I’ve ever witnessed. Way taller than Nurmi will ever be.

Judy Petitto says:

OMG..How anyone can believe this was self-defense is crazy.Really look at the facts as her story is impossible to be the truth.Talk about an obvious Rage Killing..self-defense ?? You would shoot and run and not sick around to stab someone 27 times (just count 27 times) and slit a throat.This was a planned pre-mediatated murder.”If I can’t have you no one can”She thought she could change his mind when she came to Mesa and used her usual sex control games but it didn’t work and Travis told her he was still taking another woman to Cancun.That did it.She also thought with her Einstein IQ she could pull it off and if caught”No Jury will ever convict me”.She needs the needle and is way more humane then the suffering she caused to Travis and his poor family.

Nikki says:

The only reason she keeps getting followers is because people want to know how crazy she is. Jodi and this Donavan woman are ridiculous.

Peggy says:

I see Travis as a normal guy in his 20’s. if a girl is flaunting sex in front of a guy, he’s going to say no? Don’t think so. We’ve all known girls like Jodi.

Robin says:

Absolutely agree!

lori says:

I wish the jurors could see how arrogant she is acting in her words “she” has her friend “tweeting.”

Sharla Bonner says:

I probably won’t be writing too often but to give you some of my insight on this trial. I think Travis Alexander was a sex crazy man & took advantage on any woman who he could sweeten up to. I believe Jodi was defending herself as Ms. LaViolet is telling us. With two very good specialist here as the last two testifiers have told us, she was trying to protect herself from a very violent man whose anger esculated as we all can see. My 2 cents.

lori says:

I just want to ask you…& I respect your opinion, but did you see Travis’ throat & how it was slashed. I am not saying Travis was perfect – nor do I believe Jodi to be. I honestly do not agree with your “self defense” belief.

Peggy says:

Me neither! I think if it was self defense, she would have shot him & ran.

lori says:

Sharla…….- where are you getting your “very violent” man from except Jodi’s comments. I have seen no proof of Travis being a “very violent” man….I know I haven’t listened 2 the whole trial but if you have some proof, please let me know.

lori says:

Sharla, I looked @ this during my lunch break & now I can’t concentrate. I hope the jurors are listening properly to the evidence & looking @ Jodi’s smug look – can you see it above…….Sharla, please let me know why you think Travis was “violent”. I have to get back to work & I will be awaiting your answer when I am done.

Denise says:

Ummm…based on what evidence??? We must be watching two different trials.

jerome says:

WOW! a admitted liar, “I lied to everyone!”… so please tell me, when do you think she stopped lying? Sharla, can I ask, have you watched the entire trial? It’d be hard to give an opinion based on part of the trial and not all of it…because then your opinion is no better than the Defense experts going off of partial info or info from an admitted liar. Very sad to hear someone believes some who is lying, has lied to her gain. I’m ashamed to hear this…

hillbilleter says:

Well, Travis wasn’t sleeping with all those other women, so there’s your first misunderstanding. Jodi taught him everything she knew to keep his head spinning. Thought she would marry him, but he wanted a reputable wife. Read his blog. He was leery of dating “axe murderers.” Did he suspect Jodi was as nuts as we now see she is?

Gerig says:

Sharla, I also respect your opinion but don’t agree. I think he was sex crazed and I think they were “both” psychologically abusive to each other but I know way believe he was physically abusive. She was obsessed with him and that is evident in her journal entries, no doubt there. I think some evidence supports premeditation but she would have been better off pleading “crime of passion” or “temporary insanity” but I think she is so narcissistic she won’t take any form of responsibility so I tend to lean to premeditation based on his “rant” as of May 26th or so…that was her boiling point. Thanks for sharing!

Anon says:

Statements like this make me so weary- I can only hope that aren’t people like you on the jury or justice has no chance of being served.

GMO' says:


jo says:

Don’t worry Jodi..that “little man” is going to make sure you get a BIG NEEDLE you vile, disgusting, murdering scumbag parasite!!


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