Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Jodi Arias Verdict Live Stream Replay

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Ellie Monk says:

I am no fan of Jodi Arias and I feel so sad for the Alexander family. However that said, I feel also badly for the lone juror who had to stand up for what she believed. She was probably under a lot of pressure to change her mind and she stuck to what she believed. I don’t know how I would have voted had I been on the jury but I think they all deserve our respect and not criticism….None of us walked in this lone jurors shoes nor will we have to live her life so please give her a break….

jim/dee says:

I don’t feel sorry for her. Didn’t they ask her during questions If she believed in the Death penalty ? ?.. If she said yes, she lied…
The only reason I wanted the D/P was so she wouldn’t have free roam of the prison to draw, paint and sell all of her special things. She needs to be in a private cell with no contact with others…They would never put her to death, we all know that, at least she would be alone to think about what she did. They will give her credit for 8 years and credit for good behavior and be out in about 18 years, not enough for what she did…JUST SAYING…..

donna burns says:

this was a open n shut case for an easy guilty verdict, the jurors claim no bias towards the death penalty so why wasn’t she condemned ?

Patricia says:

That is scary that one person has that much power, it’s not right.

Christina says:

MOST judges sway toward the defense to avoid a mistrial or to be overturned on appeal. No one wants to see her walk because of misconduct. When articles have been released about her rulings, she shows NO love for Jodi.

Jodi won’t be in jail until sentencing. She will return to prison, then return to the jail the night before or the morning of the hearing. The sentencings are set out at least 30 days to allow both the prosecution and the defense to file motions. This was not Jodi specific. If she had chosen to take part in the interview, it likely would have been longer before sentencing, because you have to have the interview scheduled and the report filed. The state I worked in allowed 30 days for the report, and the next state over allowed 20.

From the tweets, it looks like one juror hung them, and the other jurors felt she had an agenda against the death penalty. She is probably very happy with herself.

lee c fairfax says:

The ‘agenda’ juror explains why the tweets reported a juror smiling yesterday and today. Did you catch the smirk jodi had after the hung verdict just after she turned away from the camera?

jim/dee says:

Of course she was smiling ! !…She just did something no one else would do ! !..Now she is a celebrity ! !…I just hope she looses some sleep over this for the rest of her life ! !

Denell says:

She will remain in jail until sentencing in April. She has not been sentenced yet, therefore there is no prison for her to return to.

Patricia says:

I am watching HLN right now, I can’t believe the verdict and now the judge is going to sentence her, she is going to end up getting out in 20 years.

trialwatcher says:

I doubt the judge will sentence her to Life with the possibility of release after 25 years. Arias was found guilty of premeditated murder with especially cruel and heinous factors. She’s never going to be released.

My heart breaks for the Alexander family. After so many years and 2 extraordinarily long and torturous trials, through no fault of theirs or the state’s, they still weren’t able to get the sentence they wanted.

Partyuvfour says:


ILikeTrials says:

I was afraid of this–another ‘hung jury’ indeed! Sentencing is now put off until April 13–REALLY? I do NOT trust this judge at all to hand down anything other than ‘Life with possibility of release after 25 years’ which is a joke, considering Jodi will automatically be given credit for time already served in jail. I understand there IS no ‘parole’ any more, so guess that means Jodi would be OUT of prison in June of 2033. Why would judge NOT hand down ‘natural life’ instead? Because, that sentence would cost taxpayers EVEN MORE MONEY than it already has, that is why! As to ‘why Jodi and team want the delay in sentencing’, well duh–another 5 weeks in JAIL is much more decent for Jodi than existence in the Perryville PRISON where she’ll need to start out in maximum security. The big problem IS, Jodi will not have to STAY in maximum–that is only where she must BEGIN her sentence. I say, total travesty, UNLESS judge smartens up and does hand down ‘natural life’. But I DO NOT trust her. Since the ‘death penalty’ in Arizona appears to be meaningless, jury should have a RIGHT, even on a case as old as this one is, to hand down their OWN ‘natural life’ sentence rather than just ‘life’. Under the circumstances, I have ZERO RESPECT for these jurors who ‘hung’ the verdict (sorry, but they did WRONG), and in particular, this judge. I’m DONE with this nonsense.

GirlyJuror says:

When will the VIDEO of the whole second part of the trial be available?

lee c fairfax says:

Dream on GirlyGirl. HLN is even interrupting live jury for a replay of a Nancy Grace rant. We might get to see all of it if it’s a pay per view but even that would be edited. this judge even gave her another 5 weeks for NOT a pre-sentence report. it’s over until the judge (probably) gives her (only) the 20 years. that murder is pure lying Teflon.


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