Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Judge denies Jodi Arias attorney’s effort to quit

Kirk Nurmi May 1, 2013. Photo / AP  - The Arizona Republic Mark Henle, Pool bannerPHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona judge has denied a request by one of Jodi Arias’ attorneys to quit, setting the stage for Arias to represent herself at the penalty phase of her trial.

Arias was convicted of murder last year in the 2008 killing of her ex-boyfriend, but jurors couldn’t decide on a sentence. A second penalty phase is set for Sept 8 with a new jury as prosecutors try again for a death sentence.

Attorney Kirk Nurmi sought to quit, citing conflicts with Arias wanting to represent herself. Arias had said if he quit, she would not represent herself and would permit her other lawyer to handle the case. In the past, Arias has tried to fire Nurmi, and he has sought to get off the case.

Arias returns to court Aug. 22 for her motion to delay the retrial.

Source: AP

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Mozelle says:

She wants to represent herself in an effort to schmooze at least one juror. Thats all she needs.

Tam says:

I think both the judge & Mr. Nurmi are been a rock & a hard place. The judge is trying to do everything to give Ms. Arias a fair & succinct trial, but Ms. Arias & her team have had one issue after another. Mr. Nurmi has been the lawyer for the defense that has been on the case the longest & the judge wants to maintain continuity despite Ms. Ariass issues or Mr. Nurmis issues with one another. Yes, this case has been a living nightmare for Mr. Nurmi, but there will be an end to this trial & Mr. Nurmi will be on his way. Perhaps after this case he will find another type of law to practice.

lee c fairfax says:

either way it gives her more fodder for appeals. A friend of mine passed away this summer and in her last days actually mourned that she would miss the outcome of this trial. I don’t think this will be finally settled even in my lifetime. I’m so peeved that it won’t be aired… bet the old CTV would have managed to get the judge to change her mind.

suzydee28584 says:

Let her rep herself…ya know what they say:Anyone that wants to represent themselves, has a fool for a client

Victoria says:

This must be very frustrating for Mr. Nurmi. I know how it is to work with extremely difficult clients and the judge won’t budge.


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