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Judge sets 200 person jury Pool for Andrea Sneiderman murder trial

Andrea Sneiderman August 2012 photo / AP - Atlanta Journal ConstitutionAttorneys in the Andrea Sneiderman murder trial will be able to choose from 200 potential jurors starting July 29th.

Sneiderman has entered a not guilty plea for the third time to charges of malice murder, felony murder, and 14 other offenses.

In the months following Rusty Sneiderman’s shocking murder outside of his son’s preschool, much of the public attention focused on the shooter, Hemy Neuman, who was convicted of the murder and found to be mentally ill. While testifying against Neuman, Andrea Sneiderman’s story began to blur, and Neuman’s defense counsel accused the widow of orchestrating the murder of her late husband.

The DeKalb district attorney received a new indictment from a grand jury last month, replacing a prior indictment that was returned in February. Defense attorneys claimed the previous indictment lacked specificity in several charges.

The latest indictment offers new details claiming that Sneiderman lied under oath when she was testified in Hemy Neuman’s murder trial in February 2011.

The six perjury accounts include:

– She’d had no knowledge of her husband’s shooting prior to talking to her father-in-law Don Sneiderman. Don Sneiderman testified that Andrea Sneiderman told him ‘Rusty’s been shot’.
– She’d had no romantic relationship with Hemy Neuman.
– That she never “returned” Neuman’s “feelings for her.”
– That she did not share a hotel room with Neuman during a trip to Longmont, Colorado.
– That she believed Neuman was in Longmont on business with GE.
– That she and Neuman did not kiss during an encounter in a nightclub during a business trip to Greenville, SC.
– That she didn’t report her suspicions about Neuman as the possible triggerman to police because Mrs. Sneiderman’s mother expressed concerns about her safety.

Additionally, the new indictment notes false statements Sneiderman allegedly told the Dunwoody Police during their investigation of the killing.

During Neuman’s trial, Sneiderman testified that her former coworker was a “stalker”, and her attorneys insist she had no romantic relationship with Neuman and is a grieving widow who has nothing to do with the murder.

Sneiderman’s trial is scheduled to start July 29, 2013.

Nicole Coleman, Wild About Trial

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Donna McIntyre says:

Ready for this trial hope there is s live feed on it

Sue Goryan says:

Is this going to be on live steaming?

susieanne says:

I really want to see all the evidence before I have a final judgment on Andrea but personally, I think she might have gotten over her head in what appears to be a sexual harassment case at work…maybe she had some feelings for the loon but…I don’t think she planned the murder~I think Nueman took that upon himself.

She would have been better off ADMITTING to some of what was going on rather than just going so far to cover any impropriety that she looks guilty of murder.


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