Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Judge Sets New Trial Date for Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias May 1, 2013 Photo / AP - The Arizona Republic Mark Henle PoolA judge has set a March 17 trial date to decide whether Jodi Arias should be sentenced to life in prison or the death penalty.

The 33-year-old Arias was convicted of murder last year, but the jury deadlocked on her punishment. A new penalty phase must be held in which lawyers are expected to bring evidence and call witnesses.

The Maricopa County court system announced the date Monday after a closed-door hearing in the case.

The first trial became an international sensation as it revealed violent and tawdry details about the crime and people followed the case on live video streams. But the judge will limit video in the courtroom for the next trial.

Source: AP

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Jessica Higgins says:

Will ivthink that jodi ann arias should gotvlige life do so she can spend 25 years withoutparole and not deathvat all she has ptsd and had mental lill problem

terry h says:

Does anyone if there will be live streaming coverage of michael dunn trial? if so where?

Genny says:

Oh for pete’s sake, sentence her to death already. The state of Arizona is already footing a bill of over 2 million on her. What a waste of money for a piece of scum like here.

Genny says:

I meant her, not here.

pdozier says:

The Judge will limited trial coverage.

Marika says:

The less media attention this gets the better. Arias loves being in the spotlight. Since this is her entertainment, so to speak, she will drag this out as long as she possibly can. The Alexander Family should also put her on ignore. Arias seems to enjoy tormenting this lovely family. The more attention they give her the more she craves. The Alexander family is her Drug of Choice.

Jayne says:

I am sorta glad about them not live streaming this part of the trial. Because now this *&^% can’t be in the spotlight. I just want Justice for Travis and his family and friends. March 17!!!!!!!

Katprint says:

I’ll bet you a cookie that Jodi Arias does more jail interviews before the penalty verdict is final. She SHOULDN’T and if her attorneys have good client control over her then she won’t, but I’m betting she will.

Jill Bentley says:

For us that can’t make it down there, they should allow the live streaming. I found it fascinating last time, and actually learned a lot.

Jean O'Brien says:

Will this be streamed live?…

Regina says:

Jean, as far as I know, it won’t. The judge barred media coverage this time around. I would assume a live web feed is included in the ban.


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