Ohio School Shooting

Judge: T.J. Lane’s recorded confession is admissible at trial

An Ohio Judge ruled Tuesday that statements made by accused Ohio High School shooter T.J. Lane following his arrest will be allowed at trial.

Defense attorneys filed a motion to exclude statements made to police in a recorded interview, where Lane is specifically heard saying he “shot people.” Although Lane was read his Miranda rights at the scene of the arrest, Lane’s attorneys claim that Lane was not properly read his Miranda rights at the police station where the interview took place.

Prosecutors say they followed standard operating procedure. County Sheriff’s deputy John Bilicik said he asked Lane several times if he understood his rights and an audio recording confirms that Lane acknowledged a waiver of those rights.

Judge David Fuhry said the following in making his ruling: “In considering the totality of the circumstances the Court finds that the Defendant voluntarily waived his Miranda rights. He was fully aware of the fact that he was making such a waiver and of the consequences of such a waiver. That awareness continued throughout the entire interrogation. No statements made during the interrogation at the Geauga County Safety Center on February 27, 2012 are suppressed. The Motion to Suppress is denied.”

Lane is accused of opening fire in the Chardon High School Cafeteria, killing three of his fellow students and wounding three others. Lane is now 18-years-old and will be tried as an adult.

Ryan Kerns, Esq., Wild About Trial

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