Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Judge trial removes Arias juror, denies mistrial

PHOENIX (AP) – The judge in the Jodi Arias murder trial threw a juror off the case and denied a defense bid for a mistrial Tuesday as a domestic abuse expert resumed testimony about the defendant’s volatile relationship with the victim.

Judge Sherry Stephens met behind closed doors with lawyers in the case and announced the move from the bench to oust juror No. 5. Defense lawyers say the juror made comments about the case to a fellow panelist that raised questions about her impartiality. They did not provide specifics.

The move leaves five alternate jurors, in addition to the 12 who will decide the case.

The development came three months to the date since testimony began in a trial that has attracted an international following among people who have taken advantage of streaming Internet video of the case to keep tabs on the salacious details coming out of the Phoenix courtroom. Arias testified at length about what she described as a twisted sexual relationship with Travis Alexander before she killed him in his Mesa home in 2008. Arias said it was in self-defense.

She faces the death penalty if convicted of first-degree murder.

Psychotherapist Alyce LaViolette returned to the witness stand Tuesday and described her impressions of the relationship between Arias and Alexander after spending more than 40 hours interviewing the defendant. She also described emails she analyzed between the two, including from a friend of Alexander who described him as a flirt with other women.

She has testified previously about why some battered women don’t leave their partners, due to fear and shame. Arias has testified that Alexander was physically and emotionally abusive.

Source: AP

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Patricia Nelson says:

Trust me this women is getting murder one, look up death photo’s.

Bib says:

I have one question maybe someone can answer for me. Why would anyone record a sex tape? The only reason I can come up with is she was going to show it to the Bishop, blackmailing him with it, explaining his nasty email to her.

Tanya says:

Justice for Travis is what’s important,im so tired of the defense making Travis sound so bad,whatever he did who ever he was he was a person who deserved to Live!!!! I pray Juan can get justice and the jury will see through Jody’s FOG of lies!!!


I too am soooo tired of them trying to make Tavis sound bad, I think Travis was a typical man who had issues dealing with sex. Being a Mormon just put that much more pressure on him and Jodi knew that he was dealing with these issues and that is why she toy’ed with him and gave him whatever he wanted (sexually) She thought she was going to get Travis because of this but she was wrong, and that is what made her snap. Jodi is the type of women that gives good women a bad name. I know Juan Martinez will fight for Travis, I am a Martinez and we are strong people so I know Juan will not give up.

Elizabeth says:

The defense finally realizes there is NO WAY there are going to get a not guilty verdict so they are now just fighting to keep her alive and off death row. OR apparently trying to get a whole NEW trial and start fresh which in and of itself is despicable. JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS !

LittleLady916 says:

The defense team: how did they work to make their defense?? I’ve not ever seen a defense team that is so confused, fumbling at every step, and unprepared. I’ve been a juror, a witness in a murder trial, and on a grand jury, this defense is just not working. This isn’t a Casey Anthony game., its a game of its own. They make the rules as they play.

faye says:

Glad this didnt fly with the judge. This defense should be ashamed of the antics they have tried ! They are like ppl standing in quick sand and begging to be saved . She will be found guilty ! They built a house of lies out of sand and the waves ( Juan ) are washing it away grain by pitifull grain ! JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS !!


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