Bengals Cheerleader Case

Judge will not issue gag order in Sarah Jones case; trial to begin October 10

Former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader and English teacher Sarah Jones will face a jury of twelve this October, and while both sides have been sternly advised not to taint a potential jury pool by talking to the media, the judge declined to issue a formal gag order.

Instead, Judge Patricia Summe asked the attorneys to abide by Kentucky code of professional conduct in keeping the case under wraps as they engage in trial preparation.

Jones’ lawyer, Eric Deters, is a local radio personality, and he has even invited his client on his show to speak about the case.

Meanwhile, prosecutor Sara Farmer has not shied away from media attention, releasing an excerpt from the provocative texts messages between Jones and her student to the press.

Deters will argue to have those text messages thrown out before trial begins in a suppression hearing scheduled for September 21.

Source: AP

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