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4 jurors distance themselves from Juror B37

Judge-Debra-Nelson-June-18-2013-PhotoAPOrlando-Sentinel,-Joe-Burbank-PoolORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – Four of the six jurors from the murder trial of neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman have distanced themselves from statements another juror made in a televised interview.

The four jurors issued a brief statement Tuesday on court stationery saying the opinions expressed by Juror B37 to CNN’s Anderson Cooper are not representative of their views.

“The opinions of Juror B37, expressed on the Anderson Cooper show were her own, and not in any way representative of the jurors listed below,” said the statement, signed by Jurors B51, B76, E6 and E40. The six-sentence statement did not specify what parts of the other juror’s comments they disagreed with.

Juror B37 said the actions of Zimmerman and 17-year-old Trayvon Martin both led to the teenager’s fatal shooting last year, but that Zimmerman didn’t actually break the law.

The four other jurors said in their statement that Martin’s death weighed on them.

“Serving on this jury has been a highly emotional and physically draining experience for each of us,” the statement said. “The death of a teenager weighed heavily on our hearts but in the end we did what the law required us to do.”

They also made a request for privacy. The court has not released the names of the six-woman jury, which included five whites and one woman who appeared to reporters to be Hispanic. B37’s face was obscured by shadow during her interview.

In a statement to CNN released Wednesday, Juror B37 said she prayed for those who have the power to modify laws that gave her “no verdict option other than ‘not guilty’ in order to remain within the instructions.”

Juror B37 had an agreement with a literary agent to explore a book deal, but she ended the relationship when she realized the emotions tied to the case once she was out of the bubble of sequestration, she said.

“My prayers are with Trayvon’s parents for their loss, as they have always been,” she said.

Juror B37’s interview came two days after the jury acquitted Zimmerman of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Martin in a gated community in Sanford, Fla. Martin was black, and Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic. Zimmerman was not arrested for 44 days, and the delay in charging him led to protests from those who believed race was a factor in the handling of the case.

While prosecutors accused Zimmerman of profiling Martin, Zimmerman maintained he acted in self-defense. He claimed Martin was slamming his head into the concrete sidewalk when he fired the gun.

In the CNN interview, Juror B37 said she did not believe Zimmerman followed Martin because of his race. She said Zimmerman made some mistakes, but that she believed Martin struck Zimmerman first and that the neighborhood watch volunteer had a right to defend himself.

Juror B37 said the jurors were initially divided on Zimmerman’s guilt, with three jurors believing he was guilty of either manslaughter or second-degree murder, but that the jury agreed to acquit the 29-year-old Zimmerman after more closely reviewing the law.

In a part of the interview that aired Tuesday, Juror B37 said it wouldn’t have made much difference if Zimmerman had testified at trial since she believes he would have given the same story he gave investigators in videotaped police interviews that were played at the trial.

Juror B37 said at one point it appeared they might be heading to a hung jury as another juror wanted to leave. The other jurors convinced her to stay.

Juror B37 said a block of concrete that defense attorney Mark O’Mara placed in front of jurors during closing arguments made an impression, as did photos of Zimmerman’s bloodied head. She also believed Martin’s actions contributed to his death.

“I think George got in a little bit too deep, which he shouldn’t have been there, but Trayvon decided that he wasn’t going to let him scare him and get the one-over, up on him or something,” she said. “I think Trayvon got mad and attacked him.”

By not walking away from the confrontation, the juror said of Martin, “I believe he played a huge role in his death.”


Source: AP

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MARY says:

Has everyone forgotten that Trayvon had not a speck of blood on his hands or under his fingernails? By the looks of Zimmerman’s bloody face, it would seem miraculous to me that none got on Trayvon since he was supposedly the one beating Zimmerman to a pulp!!!

Have you forgotten that Zimmerman’s father is a retired Magistrate who probably know every judge in the city, including the woman who presided over that case? His father had a seat on the end of his row where he could have eye to eye contact with the judge. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he assisted the judge all through the trial.

Let me tell you how that miracle with Zimmerman’s bloody face and the absence of blood on Trayvon’s hands: Remember that Zimmerman’s uncle, who is also on the police force was there at the crime scene. Dispatch had sent a policewoman to the scene but she was re-directed before reaching the scene to meet them at the station instead. Well, maybe they should have checked his uncle’s hands after he beat his nephew in the squad car so that he could cry self defense and meet the “Stand Your Ground Law”. It’s better to put up with a little pain than to spend the rest of your life in prison! Lastly, the makeup of that jury was a joke! I bet they gave that one non-white juror such a hard time that she just finally gave in——–“END OF STORY”

Patricia Nelson says:

I watched this trial, REALLY ONTHIS!

Norma says:

I have to wonder if some people that comment’s on here even watched the trial. Yes George got out of his car after the 911 operator said “let me know if he does anything else” then when ask if he was following him and being told “we don’t need you to do that” George said OK and started back to his car. dang it people this was proven. he DID NOT hunt TM down to kill him. even TM friend on the phone said she didn’t think anything about TM not calling her right back cause she figured he was in a fight or something. you tell me what you would have done if it was you there that night. TM wasn’t looking for a fight but he wasn’t going to let some white ass cracker scare him off either so he started a fight and he lost his life. he should have went home. George had the right to defend himself just like you would have if someone confronts you. God Bless everyone envolved and the loss they suffered there were no winners here.

Patricia Nelson says:


LoveBunny says:

I’m sure that we will always find some jurors with whom we will disagree. After all, they are just people. . . And we all know that people aren’t perfect.

Everyday across the US, there are juries deliberating verdicts. You won’t probably won’t agree with all of their findings. Some will give interviews and some may even write books. . . . So what if they do? It’s not illegal!

Debs14 says:

How right you are Asalle, she never should have been on the jury! Also, to convince a juror to stay when she needed to leave is also not right as it may have compromised her judgement on the verdict..Trayvon was protecting himself against a person pursuing him.

asalle says:

I felt after watching this interview with this juror that she basically made her decison on her own. I felt she was bias and I think she made comments better left to herself. She signed a book deal no more than 36 hours after the verdict was announced and personally I feel TM had the right to defend himself!!!!!!! I thought the interview was ridiculous along with the things that juror said!!!!!!

Sach says:

It was the fault of the Man who got out of his car, followed and Persued Martin , at that point Martin was scared of some one who won’t Identify himself and lured Travon into a Death situation. he lied


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