Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Jurors resume deliberations in Jodi Arias trial

Jodi-Arias-May-3-2013-Photo-A-The-Arizona-Republic-Rob-Schumacher-Pool2PHOENIX (AP) – The jury in Jodi Arias’ Arizona murder trial has resumed deliberations.

The panel concluded its second full day of deliberations on Tuesday without reaching a verdict.

The 32-year-old Arias has been charged with first-degree murder in the June 2008 death of her one-time boyfriend, Travis Alexander, at his suburban Phoenix home. He was shot in the head and stabbed and slashed nearly 30 times. Jurors could also convict her of second-degree murder or manslaughter.

Prosecutors say Arias planned the attack in a jealous rage.

Arias initially denied involvement, then blamed it on two masked intruders. Two years after her arrest, she said she killed Alexander in self-defense.

Testimony in the case began in early January, and Arias spent 18 days on the witness stand beginning in early February.


Source: AP

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CrystalLConner says:

I knew it was today thank the lord great 7 jurors.

Patricia Nelson says:

Thank you Delilah for letting everyone know, I had stopped watching HLN was sick of watching that clock ticking away. I am in CA. it is now noon so waiting for 1:30 verdict on HLN.

Delilah says:

Verdict is in! Will be read live at 1:30 Pacific Time

CrystalLConner says:

Im sick of this cold hearted excuse for a woman.Its time jury first degree for the family let it be today!

Patricia Nelson says:

The men on Travis Alexanders side of the family wore suits everyday they were there, classy. Jane Felez Mitchell spotted one of the jurors walking into court wearing shorts, really?

LoveBunny says:

The jury wearing shorts? Really??? Isn’t that disrespectful to the court? I thought that
there was some type of dress code. I know that attorneys have to dress at a certain
level in order to ensure fairness for their clients.

Patricia Nelson says:

I know she has morphed into a totally different looking person, scary.

doa says:

She really looks awfull

LoveBunny says:

Perhaps it’s time to have professional juries instead?

Laura says:

I just started watching and reading about this case. Clearly, it is pre-meditated. I think she went there with the intention of getting him to change his mind to take her on the trip and that she was going to kill him if he still said no. Too many signs point to Murder 1 here. This is just as crazy as the Manson murder of Sharon Tate and friends. Except she was the mastermind of herself and she seems like a soul-less person.

Fabian says:

Blonde bomeshell! Shit! She looks like Anna Yates! Ugly Hoe!

jennifer heller says:

Redneck ignorant jurors! Doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure this out!

Why says:

Anything less than less than m1, combined with CASH walking will just prove the justice system doesn’t work…

Monica says:

I strongly agree with you.

suezq77 says:

If we sign up for the verdict notification text, will we be notified when the jury is in (before it’s read), or after the verdict is read?

PJs says:

I think she wanted to be the last one to ever have sex with him so that is why she waited to kill him after the sex. She is a very, very sick woman.

Fabian says:

Agreed. It’s part of premeditation like judas eating with Jesus. Look up Anna Yates who salutered her own children. She’s a look a like who loved to please men with pussy.

PrettyBird says:

WTF is taking so long? GUILTY 1ST DEGREE!!! If you believe her BS domestic violence story you are just as deranged as she is.

Dan says:

You cant say that. theres way to much to go over it hasnt even been 2 full days CHILL OUT!

Whovian says:


O'Malley's says:

My spider sense says she will receive a 2nd degree conviction- sentenced to 25, out in 15 after the 5 already served. The salacious testimony will make it morally muddy for at least one of the jurors, making her seem fragile during the time of the killing.

PJs says:

Me too :(

laura says:

I am losing confidence in a murder 1 conviction.

LoveBunny says:

I wonder if a male on the jury has fantasies about ‘saving’ Jodi because he thinks she’s ‘hot’? Is that what is hanging up this verdict? I wonder! . . . The females on this jury are outnumbered.

paullegal says:

I don’t think it will be the death penalty Martinez went awry after showing the pictures of Travis in the shower. Nurmi’s argument was very solid “Why did not Jodi kill Travis when she entered the house” ? or “Why would she simply not shoot Travis in the shower” ? certainly less work than stabbing, slitting his throat and then dragging him all over the place. The jury will have a difficult time agreeing on “premeditated” murder. My take either 2nd degree with 25 years or even if it is 1st degree (based on the gruesome injuries) 25 years to life !

txgurl75 says:

Juan Martinez rocked.

Whovian says:

she went there hoping he would take her to cancun instead of the other girl. if after she tried everything in her power(sexually) travis still didn’t want to take jodi then she would kill him. unless jodi killed someone previously i don’t think she would know when the right time would be to kill travis, when travis was sleeping or had his back turn toward her.

George says:

Consider this scenario; Jody decides that she is going to give Travis one last opportunity to take her to Mexico. She decides to give him some of what she does best to loosen him up before broaching the subject and does so. During the cute little photo shoot in the shower Jodi poses the question and Travis tells her that he is not bringing her on the trip. At that point option number two comes into play and with an extraordinary burst of fury, Jodi stabs, slashes, and shoots Travis to death. The question of premeditation is only actually a question if you are blind, deaf, and dumb. The circumstantial evidence of premeditation is overwhelming…… IMHO…

LoveBunny says:

I think Jodi didn’t kill Travis right away because she did not want to make it a fast or easy death. . . I think she wanted to punish him and make sure that he suffered. That is why she didn’t just walk up to his front door and shoot him!

Arkansas says:

Because the roommates were there. She killed him after they left. Besides, she wanted to change his mind about the Cancun trip using sex


Jodi is actually innocent. Travis inflicted the injuries on himself and Jodi just did a little bit of the stabbing ! She will be set free !

LoveBunny says:

trolling much?

sppidygonz says:

Murder 1, Tuesday we going to hear the verdict, it’s just my guess. Justice4Travis, Amen!

Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


FaithInJustice says:

EVERY DIME that Jodi makes from her STUPID drawings should go towards her defense bill. Period! It is SUCH a travesty of justice ON TOP OF all the others that she has committed. She will not go away like CA did. Jodi is far to narcissistic. She will do anything and everything to try to make herself “relevant” to the media. I hope that Americans take a stand against any media, news, publisher, hollywood outlet like they did with the CA case. We cannot be a nation that allows this kind of evil to permeate into our society from behind bars after being a CONVICTED BRUTAL murderer.

Terra says:

I was there for the closing arguments. I sat right behind Jodi. Just by watching the Jury, I am hoping that my feeling, that they seemed to agree with Juan is right. I am hoping that Travis and his fmaily get the justice they so deserve.

FaithInJustice says:

Did you feel the demonic evil and arrogance of Jodi sitting there? According to the juror questions, there appears to be one juror that is buying Jodi’s self defense crap. Could you tell who was pro-state vs pro-defense? Who listened more carefully when Nurmi was up. Fill us in! :)

PJs says:

I hope the poll is correct and she is convicted of first degree murder.

laura says:

I don’t understand what’s taking so long. I’m starting to think this will be another shocking verdict.

Tina says:

Im on pins and needles! She needs to be convicted!

graciasfornada says:

Remember, the jury didn’t get to see or hear everything this vicious murderer did to Travis like we all got to hear and see in the media. But Just one look at those autopsy pics should be enough to convince them shes guilty of murder one.

gina munoz says:

Her smiley mugshot did it for me! I didn’t need to hear testimony….that picture spoke a million words.

Whovian says:

if they let her get away with it she will become BFF with casey anthony.

graciasfornada says:

That’s what I tell everyone too. says:

She is a monster, get this over with.

Mary Jane says:

Let this jury take the time they need. They had over 16 weeks of testimony and evidence to go over. The Casey Anthony jury did not do their civil duty. They took only 10 hours to deliberate 6 weeks of evidence, which was impossible, they did not consider the circumstancial evidence as relevant. This case has plenty of physical as well as circumstancial evidence, I think they will come to a 1st degree conviction.

melissa says:

Agreed. I watched the C.A. trial from beginning to end and could not believe the verdict. I think some of the jurors didn’t understood the meaning of reasonable doubt in that case. I hope this jury understands the crazy stories the defense has spun and come to the right conviction.

PJs says:

She is guity, they certainly took some time to pick a foreperson, but with that out of the way, do the right thing and get this thing over with already. Of course there is still the penalty faze.

Whovian says:

jurors don’t want to get back to their lives so soon in the week. they will wait until mid-week or friday to have a weekend break and back to life.

Shelly says:

Don’t get what is taking so long. She killed him, that is a given, her activities prior to murdering Travis are pretty much leading down the road towards premeditation. I’m sure there is one or two bleeding hearts on the jury that feels she was strung along and who will hold out to be convinced otherwise or be a hung jury. I can just feel it…..

TrialWatcher says:

amazing,,,she cant foot the bill for her defense, but shes making money on her drawings….unreal

TrialWatcher says:

How can you even call her a “star”

Kathy says:

I agree she’s no star she’s the devils spawn!

s334756 says:

What is taking so long???? Please. please don’t let this jury be as intellectually challenged as the jurors on the CA’s case. They ignored the evidence before them an let a psychopathic murderer walk free. This jury has even stronger evidence..decision could be made in 10 mins!

Jodie says:

I just pray this jury gets it right unlike a certain Florida jury that denied a little 2 year old girl any justice whatsoever. How does that jury sleep at night I wonder?? Well I have faith that unlike the Braindead hicks of that jury, this jury will come back with murder 1 and give the death penalty!

graciasfornada says:

Or like the LA jury who found OJ innocent.

Karon Douglas says:

Thank you for having the notificatioator for when the jury comes back with the verdict. I’m all set up for it.

Nicole says:

How do I get the notifications? Thank you

Cmorrison10 says:

Text “WAT” to 33733

Nicole says:

Thank you so so so much for the info! I’ve been searching since fri with no success, I appreciate it!

vicki says:

is there a charge for this text??

Lisa says:

I tried texting WAT to 33733 but it replied that it did not understand my request.

Winnson says:

I’m surprised it’s taken this long.

Murder One and onto the appelate courts!


Anticrombie says:

The jury always does the right thing. Let just hope they agree with you.

LoveBunny says:

It’s time to find this cold vicious killer GUILTY of murder in the 1st degree!

I really hope the jury does the right thing in this case.


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