Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Jury foreman says life or death decision unfair

Jodi-AriasMay-23-2013-PhotoAP-The-Arizona-Republic-David-Wallace-PoolPHOENIX (AP) – They were 12 ordinary citizens who didn’t oppose the death penalty. But unlike spectators outside the courthouse who followed the case like a daytime soap opera and jumped to demand Jodi Arias’ execution, the jurors faced a decision that was wrenching and real, with implications that could haunt them forever.

In an interview Friday, jury foreman William Zervakos provided a glimpse into the private deliberations, describing four women and eight men who struggled with the question: How heinous of a killing deserves a similar fate?

“The system we think is flawed in that sense because this was not a case of a Jeffrey Dahmer or Charles Manson,” Zervakos told The Associated Press.

“It was a brutal no-win situation. … I think that’s kind of unfair,” the 69-year-old added. “We’re not lawyers. We can’t interpret the law. We’re mere mortals. And I will tell you I’ve never felt more mere as a mortal than I felt for the last five months.”

Zervakos said the most difficult time of the entire trial was hearing directly from victim Travis Alexander’s family as his brother and sister tearfully explained how his killing has shattered their lives.

“There was no sound in that jury room for a long time after that because you hurt so bad for these people,” he said. “But that wasn’t evidence. That’s what made it so hard. … This wasn’t about them. This was a decision whether we’re going to tell somebody they were going to be put to death or spend the rest of their life in prison.”

Zervakos described a deliberations room full of tears and spinning moral compasses as each juror struggled to come to grips with their own beliefs about what factors – including Arias’ young age at the time of the killing and her lack of criminal history – should cause them to show mercy and spare her life.

“You’ve got Travis Alexander’s family devastated, that he was killed, that he was brutally killed. You’ve got Jodi Arias’ family sitting in there, both families sitting and seeing these humiliating images and listening to unbelievably lurid private details of their lives, and you’ve got a woman whose life is over, too,” Zervakos said. “I mean, who’s winning in this situation? And we were stuck in the middle.”

Zervakos declined to discuss his thoughts or those of other jurors on whether Arias should have been sentenced to death or life. But he said he was torn between her two personas: a killer and an average young woman struggling through life.

“You heard (prosecutor Juan) Martinez say she was only 27. … She’s old enough that she should have known better,” Zervakos said. “I didn’t look at it that way. I’m looking at 27 years of an absolutely normal everyday young woman that was living a life that was perfectly normal. Then something changed the trajectory of her life after meeting Travis Alexander, and it spiraled downhill from there.”

The same jury on May 8 convicted Arias of first-degree murder in Alexander’s killing, but couldn’t reach a decision Thursday after about 13 hours of deliberations on whether she should live or die.

Judge Sherry Stephens was forced to declare a mistrial of the penalty phase and dismissed the panel.

A conference with the judge and attorneys is set for June 20 to determine how both sides want to proceed. In the interim, Stephens set a July 18 retrial date.

The mistrial set the stage for a whole new proceeding to determine whether the 32-year-old former waitress should get a life sentence or the death penalty for murdering Alexander five years ago.

Arias stabbed and slashed him nearly 30 times, slit his throat slit and shot him in the forehead. Prosecutors said she attacked Alexander in a jealous rage after he wanted to end their relationship and planned a trip to Mexico with another woman. Arias contends it was self-defense.

Prosecutors now have the option to take the death penalty off the table and avoid a new penalty phase. The judge would then determine whether to sentence Arias to spend her entire life behind bars, or give her life with the possibility of release after 25 years. Given Arias could not afford her own defense, taxpayers footed the bill for court-appointed attorneys at a cost so far of nearly $1.7 million, a price tag that will only balloon if the case moves forward.

Should the state decide to seek death again, jury selection alone could take months, given the difficulty of seating an impartial panel in a case that has attracted global attention and become daily cable TV and tabloid fodder with tales of sex, lies and violence, said jury consultant Jo-Ellan Dimitrius.

“Will it be impossible? No. Will it be tough? Absolutely,” she said.

Dimitrius noted that jury selection in the widely publicized trial of infamous serial killer Richard Ramirez, known as the “Night Stalker,” who is on death row in California, took six months as attorneys weeded through more than 2,000 prospective jurors.

If Arias faces a new penalty phase, her murder conviction would stand, leaving the new panel tasked only with sentencing her. However, the proceedings could drag on for several more months as the new jury reviews evidence and witness testimony.

If the second jury cannot reach a unanimous decision, the judge would then sentence Arias to one of the life-in-prison options. The judge cannot sentence Arias to death.


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Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


MomInNv says:

Yes, Ms. Arias was young; yes, Ms. Arias had no prior criminal history. But, does one really consider this a case of “self-defense?” How can ANYONE call it “self defense” when person stabs someone 27 times, slit the throat from ear-to-ear, and shoots them in the head? And, a juror believes that was self defense? I read where one of the jurors in the Arias case said that Travis Alexander said that Ms. Arias was abused “verbally and emotionally.” I do not agree that Jodi was abused verbally and emotionally by Travis Alexander. There was no testimony except Jodi’s to support that allegation. None of his former girlfriends or friends could attest to the fact that he EVER verbally or emotionally Arias or anyone else for that matter. Therefore, how could a juror take the word of the known liar and murderer, Jodi Arias? I hope the next jury is smart enough to realize that Jodi Arias is a MASTER manipulator – especially where men are concerned. If ever a case screamed DEATH PENALTY – this is the one.

Sid says:

They made that decision based on the text messages

Cheryl says:

The Holy Bible/Scriptures, tells of the story when sin began.
In all of Heaven, for untold billions, trillons of billions of years, there had been no sin until Satan decided he should be equal with Jesus.
Then on earth, no one had ever killed another until Cain got angry with Able…was the 1st murder. Cain argued with God, when asked where his brother was, “Am I my brothers keeper?”
Cain was angry because of his brother Ables sacrifice to God.
Wow…murder your brother over a Holy Tribute to God!
Just because Jodi had never been caught for any crime, should have no impact what so ever on her being sentenced to death for the premeditated, well thought out and planned murder of Travis.
She spent weeks on this plan….she did a lot of criminal activities prior to this.
Beginning with stealing her grandfathers gun, filing false burglary claims.
Slashing 3 sets tires, peeking, in peoples windows….and on and on….
she should have been chared with a ton of crimes…not some 1st time criminal!
She’s a hardened criminal and needs to pay…life for life!
But seriously…i’m praying the state doesn’t have to pay for another “trial”…and some nice lady will do to her exactly what she did to Travis….I know, I know is wrong for me to feel this way…but after watching her endless testimony of lies…then hearing the impact this has had on his loved ones…Poetic justice will be, someone humiliating Jodi…shave her head, beat one of her eye’s out…disfigure her face….
then few months later, a gang of ladies spend an hour or so, beating the crap outa her….then the croup’de’croux…slice her throat ear to ear!
Oh…how mean can one get!…a hell of a lot more! but I don’t want to give idea’s to anyone!

Albert DAY says:

Plus, the death penalty isn’t supposed to be about vengence. So if it was my family I’d want vengence but wouldn’t expect it. Take the damned death penalty off the table. No one gets ex’d in ‘Zona anyhew. Git ‘er done. And over with.

Sid says:

I agree, the death penalty could very likely be over turned down the road. Some attorney could crawl out of the wood work looking for a name for him/her self and fix that right up for her, and she would be out in 20 years. Though I would like to see her get death for her hanis crime, it would be safer to go for life in prison without parole. The judge, if it be her decision, may pick life with possiable parole. Im sure God has a plan for this gal.

Cheryl says:

and I pray its filled with turmoil, pain and suffering! Travis’s loved ones will NEVER recover from this…their lives have been destroyed…why should Jodi go on living, making T-shirts, doing artwork and having sexual relationships with her BFF lady friends there in prison…hey….is what they do in prison…I know from personal experience!
Jodi has NO remorse what-so-ever…until this changes, she needs to suffer!
I’d be 100% for life in prison but only IF she were locked away in a cell, 23 hours a day…2 showers a week and crap for food!
Take away all crayons and paper…let her go stark raving freakin nuts!
Suffer nightmares, panic attacks and endless hours suffering untold stress! Why?
Because her victims family have to “live” this way…why not Jodi…the one who caused all this pain….sucks to be her!
She should never see the lite of day and rot in some cell…panic attacks so bad, she’s screaming bloody murder…I know how this feels…personal experience caused me from bad people like Jodi!

Albert DAY says:

Merely a case of whether there was domestic violence by Travis. And not knowing for sure makes the death penalty near impossible. I say go for life as that is reaching considering the evidence. Likely to be overturned by a higher court down the road.

LoveBunny says:

So dishonest!

When they were choosing a jury, all the participants were asked if they could sit on a death penalty case, fully knowing that they may have to find for death. They were required to be open minded about this.

BUT if what he truly thinks is that the death penalty–or making a decision to apply it–is “unfair”, then he should not have been on the jury panel in the first place. . . well, unless he was planning all along to sabotage the process.

Nobody is forcing this man to do all these tv interviews. He obviously wants to preach his view to the public.

Those tv interviews didn’t just “happen” to him out of the blue like he was hit on the head by a piece of flying debris, so he needs to stop with his incessant belly aching.

I wonder just how much he’s been paid so far for giving all the interviews?
He wanted to make darn sure that he was the first jury member out of the gate to do all of those!

Cheryl says:

Anyone make a connection to his being a Jodi fan?…hmmmmm…he’s a stupid as they come…didn’t know they allowed idiots like him walk around unmedicated!
he’s a liar and doing horrible damaged to the Alexander family…shame on him…
Karma will get him…I say he’ll drop dead of cardiac arrest before Jodi’s next bandstand!…oopps…meant GrandStand!…Oh boys…looky me!….wanna come to my house? Gonna have fun!

doa says:

Obviously this man is delusional and most definitely against the death penalty, so he should not have been in the jury from the beginning.

LoveBunny says:

Delusional, yes and also dishonest I wonder if he suffers from dementia.

Sid says:

He’s in a FOG

Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:




Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Maria says:

The TV interviews should not be allowed. Why is she being given a public voice? There are many other convicted mirderers out there that don’t get a chance to speak about their case to the world. This is blatantly wrong. Plus of course the more publicity her case gets the lesser the chances of getting another jury -which of course is what she wants!

Maria says:

I noticed in one of JA recent TV interviews how she smirked and said basically “good luck trying to find a new jury that is not tainted by the publicity of the case”. I find her nerve beyond irritating. Plus the dive attitude is outrageous for a convicted murderer. No wonder people are angry at her.

Sid says:

Surprise Jodi, your new jury WILL know all about the trial. Everything thats been on TV and the first trial as well. Dont be too smug.

Patrick says:

I admit I do not know if I could rule the death penalty even as heinous of a crime as this, just because apparently this is her first brush with the law….however, Ms Arias may have done herself in due to all these interviews she’s granted and shown very little remorse or empathy towards the victims family, the new jury may cause all this fuss to be mute, Ms Arias may have cut her second throat, and this time it’s her own

Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Anne Jones says:

How can this foreman be so naive? SHE was the stalker. Travis did not even want her there. SHE is guilty of premeditated murder which she admits. Anyone with a knife could have murdered an unarmed naked man in a shower just like she did, even a dwarf I suspect. This foreman should get real and look at the evidence. There is plenty of it!!

LoveBunny says:

The Jury Foreman said: “I’m looking at 27 years of an absolutely normal everyday young woman that was living a life that was perfectly normal.” . . .

Uh, sir, what are you SMOKING? Jodi Arias was NOT “normal” unless you believe that every young woman is a stalker, peeping tom, doggie door crawler, and tire slasher–and that somehow this is A-ok.

He must hang around some extremely dysfunctional young women if he truly thinks that Arias was “normal” before the crime. Maybe he wants her to come over to his house and appear under his Christmas tree? Or maybe he’s really just a dirty old man? Who knows!

Hopefully the next Jury Foreman is a lot more intelligent than this one and actually pays attention to testimony.

Hopefully, the next person is also a lot more honest about where he/she actually stands regarding the death penalty.

This as the guy who said in an interview that “it just didn’t wash” with him when he saw the autopsy photos because Arias somehow just didn’t LOOK LIKE a murderer because she was a young girl and too pretty.

(Uh, what is a murderer supposed to “look like” for him I wonder?)

So according to him, if this had been a less attractive person (or a man or a person of color), he would have thought that such a person was much more capable of the same heinous murder and somehow more deserving of death???

So for him, you must be attractive enough to live?

Helena says:

The first mistake was picking a jury 8 men and only 4 women. The second mistake was the jury choosing this guy to be the foreman because he clearly was not capable of rising to the occasion.

I oppose the death penalty for a variety of reasons and have been disqualified from serving on a jury because I was honest about that. It appears that in this case some of the jurors claimed that they would not have a problem sentencing Arias to death, when in fact, it turns out that was not the truth. It’s unconscionable to me that anyone would be that unethical when the stakes are so high in terms of the pain and suffering of the Alexander family and the huge costs incurred, 1.7 million dollars and counting.

O'Malley's says:

I believe the foreman was referring to JA’s behavior prior to meeting Mr. Alexander. The tire slashing, stalking would be abnormal and wrong to anyone. I believe he’s implying that this particular relationship somehow sparked her to “snap”.

Maria says:

The slashing of tires has not been proven.

Laura says:

I’m not even sure how I feel about the death penalty but I believe Jodi Arias deserves it!! I have watch every second of this trial including all of her eye rolling, smirking, laughing, head shaking actions..not to mention all of her lies on the stand!! She completely remembers what happened THAT day…the details are in her lying intruder story! The Jurors that wanted the death penalty got it RIGHT so I won’t say “this JURY” but the jurors [like this foreman] that couldn’t serve up justice for Travis and his family should have been honest from the beginning and allowed someone else that could do the job right, serve on this Jury! This foreman should have remained annonymous!! He is a liar like Jodi and thats why he could relate to her and couldn’t sentence her to death! YES…I WANT HER DEAD! Everyone is harping on how much this cost the tax payors (and my heart goes out to them) but it will not compare to how much it will cost them to support her if she got life in prison! One thing is for sure…this NON verdict is not a reflection on anything Juan Martinez did or didn’t do!!! He did a wonderful job—with what he was allowed to present— for this family!! He was relentless!! He must be so tired!! My heart goes out to him as much as it does for Travis’ family!! GREAT JOB, JUAN MARTINEZ!!!! Oh how I can NOT wait for that handful of jurors to see all the evidence that was not presented and all of Jodi’s post conviction TV interviews…and see how they TOO were manipulated and duped by Jodi Arias!!! I hope they feel ashamed of themselves!!! Justice IS coming for Travis Alexander <3

Cathy says:

I agree with the jury…guess one of the few. Anyone with a compassion heart has to feel for Alexander family. But this is not a soap opera or TV reality show as it seems to be played out. This is real life and death. Easy to sit and watch HLN put their spin on the trial but you did not sit in a court for 5 months. You got the M1 conviction and everyone praised the jury but as soon as you don’t get what “You” think is right you name call them and judge their actions. I agree that this was terrible but there are so many others who have done worse NOT on death row. WHY?? because it was not a media trail. If this is what showing cases does then maybe we should rethink having camera’s in courtrooms because people lose control of common sense. In addition, you change
statements to meet your needs. The jury foreman said Jodi’s life PRIOR to Travis. Tire slashing, stalking was this prior to Travis? This whole case is sad. How fair is it that people that wanted to speak on Jodi’s behalf have to fear the outcome. Is that Justice?????

Helena says:

There are millions of people who are truly deserving of your compassion. Jodi Arias is not one of them.

Sid says:

Jodi, meet Cathy’s son……need I say more???

Bonny Reeve says:

My dad said he wouldn’t be able to kill her! Dumb old man! He thought she was cute! Yuk! We can sentence jodi to death by not watching or listening to her again! To many good people in this world to talk about! Not to mention the f@#%)?!bitch said she believes we are eternal! So we will meet her again! I for one can’t wait! By then i should be good and ready for some justice!

Maria says:

The death penalty is a barbarian practice that must end.

LoveBunny says:

Allowing cold blooded murderers to enjoy the rest of their lives and to profit from their notoriety is a barbaric practice which should end. Thank goodness for the death penalty!

Betty says:

I bet you would change your mind if one of your loved ones was brutally murdered? God forbid that you would have to endure the pain and agony of going through a trial like this. She admitted to killing him and did not stop until his lifeless body had bleed out. The Casey Anthony & Jodi Arias trials are proof that maybe the laws need to be changed. Stop the jury system and let the judges make the decision. There is no doubt Jodi Arias does deserve death.

Maria says:

It actually sounds like the jury was paying attention to the evidence which indeed showed Travis was abusig Arias. What I find shocking is how come did they gave her a murder 1 if they believed the abuse part. They should have given her a manslaughter. I don’t understand this jury.

Linda B says:

The Alexander Family did not stand a chance of receiving the death penalty verdict they deserve with this lunatic as the Jury Foreman, much less with him as just one of the Jurors!!!! My God in Heaven- he should NEVER have been on the Jury – much less Foreman. What a waste !!!!!

Priscilla says:

He had a trip waiting for him.. They wanted to get out of there. That’s why they chose to respect everyone’s decision and didn’t try to change anyones mind. The judge told them to go back and try deliberating some more. What the heck were they doing if they had no intentions of changing their minds.. Smh

Appalled says:

Amazing how many people who have absolutely no connection to anyone even remotely involved in this case want to see Arias’ blood shed so rabidly. I hope this case and the non-invested public who, in their apparent lack of any objectivity or personal life of their own, so promote death to another human being causes a repeal of the death penalty all over our country. Look in the mirror, some of you, and ask yourself just WHY you’ve invested yourself so deeply in this case and its outcome. Maybe it’s time to step away from your computer for awhile. I can understand the Alexander family and friends wanting the death penalty but some of the rest of you sound just as rage-filled as Jodi Arias herself. Simply mind-boggling.

Patricia Nelson says:


Pickard says:

What did he think death qualified meant?!!! I tried not to blame the jury because I thought they were an intelligent group that were struggling with the facts & evidence of this trial. When I heard the foreman on GMA, I nearly fell out! He must have been thinking with the lower extremities of his body. I’m all about getting rid of this group & finding a fair , impartial, jury who can render the death penalty. As far as I can see, this man perjured himself just to get on a high profile case!

Terri Ham says:

If Travis’ family impact statements were not supposed to be considered, they wouldn’t have gone through the Hell of making them! Arizona laws need to be changed. They just left the family hanging yet again- when will it end for them? :-(

Linda Gutman says:

I sure would love to hear what he has to say in a week or so when he gets to see all the damn evidence that was not allowed in due to a poor justice system and a lousy judge and despicable underhanded defense attorneys but also all the frigging interviews and publicity seeking done by miss arias!!! And how she lied her face off regarding her alocution and then proceeded to throw the jury under the bus! They have been unable to see the smug, arrogant lying, non remorseful psycho she really is! If anyone ever deserved the death penalty it’s jodi ann arias!!!? What else could she have done to
deserve this??? In a way I feel sorry for these jurors when they find out how they were completely duped about everything about her! She has been a criminal since she was a teenager! And she perjured herself over and over on the witness stand! Hope he speaks out after getting all the facts! And what boggles my mind is when you get arrested for a crime you are told you have the right to an atty because anything you say can and will be used against u in a court of law! Hello?! They kept so much out and I blame the judge! Isn’t it a crime to stalk someone and slash their tires??!! They owed this to this poor guy who was young too and his family! It sucks!!!

kimberleyd says:

I wonder how far someone has to go to get death. She killed him completely in cold blood and will happily live with that. She has always wanted the easiest possible way out but it has to be by her rules. I really hope the next jury can make a decision

Jeannie says:

If he felt that “mere mortals” having to decide life or death is unfair and that those decisions should be left up to lawyers, then he had no business even being selected for this jury and should have spoken up during jury selection. Dishonest, coward and a dumba$$ to boot.

Shannon singer says:

This is disgusting! Jodi was leading a normal life before this…umm does that include all the stalking and slashing of tires she did to Travis! This jury truly let their emotions guide their decision! I am stunned they didn’t choose manslaughter after hearing this foreman! She was not leading a normal life! There was nothing normal about her! And yes he called her names because she was obsessed and stalked and wouldn’t leave him alone! I pray the next jury will not let emotions get in their way and give justice to Travis!

Michelle says:

I think he meant leading a normal life before she meant Travis. Ummmm, no she wasn’t. He needs to watch her parents interrogation tapes to realize she has had major problems way before meeting Travis!
This man should not have been on the jury let alone picked as foreman. He was biased towards Jodi from the second he saw her. Absolutely disgusting.

Joyce Delmont says:

I think he enjoyed all the photos and let himself be manipulated by Arias! In my opinion, if you say u can impose the death penalty then you should be able to impose it! They took it to the limit and then gave up!!! They are as bad as the Anthony jury

Helena says:

I understand that you’re upset with this jury; I am as well. They dropped the ball and a number of them, including this idiotic foreman, apparently were dishonest during the jury selection process. But they did find her guilty of 1st degree murder so they got that part right and therefore it’s not really fair to say that they’re as bad as that pack of mental deficients that allowed Casey Anthony to get away with murdering the adorable little Caylee.

Cathy says:

I am so disappointed with this final outcome. I feel that the jury deceived us when they assured everyone that if it warranted, they would be able to vote for death. I’m so pissed because I know very well that if this was a guy at 27 doing the same crime. He’d already be heading to death row. I think they were biased to that fact. Justice is supposed to blind to race, gender, religion. It’s supposed to be determined on the actual crime. Every disgusting gory detail. She deserves the death penalty. She is a sociopath and there Is no cure for that . I hope in the coming weeks and months, the jurors will see what we all see and will hopefully feel duped by her act and feel,like the fools they were. I hope they see everything she’s done, interviews with media, all the things not allowed in court, the stalking, the continued lying. Then it will be a slap in the face to those who voted with premeditated first degree murder,voted as cruel and heinous but couldn’t do what was right the death penalty is right you’ve prolonged this family’s suffering and for that I am disgusted.

Patricia Nelson says:


Tina says:

How can he say the decision of life or death is unfair? Was it fair to Travis? Did he get a choice? What is with some of these men? I don’t get it! She is a horrible person! Her life didn’t spiral out of control when she met Travis. Was he asleep during the testimony where she confronted her ex boyfriends new girlfriend or any of the other things she did?

Helena says:

If he thought it was unfair he should have stated that in the jury selection process.

Lee says:

I am disgusted to hear the way this jury foreman is talking about the woman that he helped convict of first degree murder, with proven extreme cruelty. “I’m looking at 27 years of an absolutely normal everyday young woman that was living a life that was perfectly normal. Then something changed the trajectory of her life after meeting Travis Alexander, and it spiraled downhill from there.” DID HE SAY NORMAL EVERY DAY YOUNG WOMAN??? Are we talking about the same ‘woman’??? Holy crap, he drank the Jodi kool-aid and let her maniupulate him too……even he is blaming Travis!! Un-freaking-believable!!

Lee says:

Yes, I spelled MANIPULATE wrong!!

Thelma Hodge says:

@Lee I agree he fell for her little act. And as for the Charles Manson reference, if he remembers correctly Manson did’nt actually kill anyone. I’m not saying that makes a difference in the Manson case but he should have chosen a different example. She was just as brutal as Manson’s girls. And this was someone she said she loved.

kimberleyd says:

Totally agree!
If I had to hurt my partner who i love in self defense I sure wouldn’t take that approach. How can she have done all of the vicious things she did to a man she loved? Surely she has no conscience.

Michelle says:

Exactly. He let his emotions towards the defendant overrule the facts Juan presented.

Saundra says:

A very dishonest man who ignored the judge’s instructions and allowed his emotions to dictate a travesty. I hope his neighbors know what a coward he is…..he as much as said he wanted the Judge to make the decision so he wouldn’t have to. I feel sure he REFUSED to deliberate and as such he will never ever look at the evidence that shows how wrong he is. He’ll continue to believe he was 100% justified in his bull headed resistance and to further insult the Alexander family like THEIR pain didn’t count when the Arias family did!! What a putz!

Lee says:


Shocked2304 says:

I totally agree….don’t commit to a job you can’t follow through with completely! Emotions or not, verbal abuse or not she is an admitted murderer, who deserves no less than DEATH! Just my opinion…..

Debbie says:

My only question to Mr. William Zervakos is if YOUR SON was brutally murdered with 29 stab wounds, his throat slit from ear to ear….almost decapitated, then shot in the head. Would you expect the jury to give the killer of YOUR SON life or death?

Cathy says:

I agree with you on that

kerstin straub says:

Then this juror should have said so in the beginning of trial when each of them were asked if they can go for DP.They all said yes and could have said no.They knew from beginning what is on stake here.Even during trial if it was to much to handle they could have asked to released.And the age of 27 is an adult and is no excuse to slaughter somebody.She was not 15 or a teen.She premetitaed this,she was old enough to have this kind of kinky sex so she is old enough to be considered an adult.She showed no mercy for travis.She killed him 3 times this should be called a serical killing and should have for each kiling a additional sentence.Iam disgustet that this jury went based on this phatetic excuses this juror gave.This juror should never ever been on this jury and in my openion he lied and should be accountable for his lie that he could impose the DP

Dana Deshaw says:


Heather says:

Kerstin, I whole-heartedly agree with you. I think to send a message to these “rogue” jurors who lied to get on this jury, should either be criminally charged with perjury, or financially charged with whatever the penalty phase of this trial cost. He clearly lied to get on this jury, but never once considered himself qualified to make a life or death decision. That’s perjury, and it should be treated as such.

Allie Yagah says:

How on earth can he say, “he was torn between her two personas: a killer and an average young woman struggling through life.” Average young women haven’t been convicted of first degree murder, that’s one of things that makes them average, being a killer immediately negates the comment that follows, you can’t be a killer and remain an average member of society, you just can’t. Having said that, I have no idea what should be done with Jodi, but I do know his logic is flawed.

Dana Deshaw says:


Michelle says:

Unfortunately he applied NO logic. We need to hear from the other jurors. What a nightmare for them. This man absolutely railroaded the jury, imo, making it impossible to deliberate because he wouldn’t look at the evidence.

xen says:

Someone needs to fill him in on all her stalking and slashing tires and all the stuff that was not admitted. Travis did not randomly call her names. He was at wits’ end by that point when she would not leave him alone. The name calling was taken out of context, so I can’t blame the jurors for what they didn’t know, but the fact that she was young and female should not have factored in at all.


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