Kelly Thomas Police Beating

Kelly Thomas Verdict – Alison Triessl Appears On KTLA To Discuss

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David says:

I am not shocked. I would be shocked if it went the other way. I have seen this too many times to expect the verdict to go against cops. The cops are above the law. I hear that NY cops are told by their superiors they must stop all non whites. This is illegal too.

My question is, what if this happens to you, can you even try to defend your life if cops are killing you? Hell no!! They will then have more right to kill you.

We need to change this NOW!!!

Joanne says:

I completely agree with Sandy! I will say that I am not the least bit shocked by the verdict. I lived in Orange County and that’s all I’m going to say about that….just NOT a shock they “got off” without so much as a slap on the wrist. However, correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t police trained to subdue suspects, etc. without the use of deadly force? Shouldn’t TWO trained police officers be able to get one man into cuffs without having to CRUSH his face,/thorax??? Even IF they used their batons in the process, there were two against one. Talk about OVERKILL. It makes ME sick, I can only imagine how his poor family feels, the loss and anger they are feeling…and now, to have to live with the fact that these two are going to be walking free, and worse be able to continue doing what they do best (or worst). What a damn shame. My prayers go out to the Thomas Family!

sandy eckert says:

I’m shocked! Look they didn’t need to beat the shit out of this guy period!! There are other ways of handling people like Kelly Thomas, this just sends a message to all law enforcement that it’s basically ok to beat the shit out of someone for no reason oh and they can get away with it. That one officer was swinging his baton just looking to fight someone!!!!!!


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