Maine Zumba Madam

Landlord of Zumba studio sues Alexis Wright for $67,800

Alexis Wright’s landlord is now suing the alleged Zumba Madam for $67,800 in damages for back rent and property taxes.

The owner of the property used by Wright for her fitness studio, 8 York St., T&B Inc., filed the lawsuit earlier this month claiming breach of contract against Wright and her alleged business partner Mark Strong, 57, who co-signed the property lease, for not paying rent or property taxes.

The duration of the lease was from March 2010 to March 5, 2015.

According to the court documents, Bee Nguyen, manager of T&B Inc., is seeking $50,000 in rental costs for the remaining unpaid portion of the lease, more than $7,000 for a 20% share of property taxes, and reimbursement for the legal expenses he incurred as a result of the scandal.

Nguyen said he has tried to find another tenant for the property to help mitigate his damages, but despite his best efforts he has not been able to re-lease the property.

Wright pleaded not guilty to 106 counts including prostitution, violation of privacy and tax evasion. Strong similarly pleaded not guilty to 59 counts including promoting prostitution and violation of privacy.

Ryan Kerns, Esq., Wild About Trial

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