Cleveland Kidnappings

Lawyer: Ohio kidnap suspect will plead not guilty

Ariel Castro Photo / AP - Cuyahoga County Jail, FileCLEVELAND (AP) – The man accused of keeping three women in captivity in his Ohio home for about a decade will plead not guilty, a member of his defense team said Wednesday.

Craig Weintraub, a former prosecutor representing Ariel Castro, 52, on rape and kidnapping charges, said in an interview he was concerned his client would not be able to receive a fair trial anywhere, giving the publicity surrounding the case.

The location of a trial is “always an issue when you have a case that has such fantastic notoriety,” Weintraub said.

Castro, a former school bus driver, was arrested May 6 shortly after one of the women, Amanda Berry, kicked out part of a locked door of his Cleveland house and yelled to neighbors to help her and call police.

Police quickly arrived and found Berry in the street holding a baby and then raced through the house, freeing Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight. The women were admitted to a hospital but have been released and have remained in seclusion appealing for privacy.

The three disappeared between 2002 and 2004, when they were in their teens or early 20s, authorities said.

Castro’s defense team must decide at some point whether to ask to have any trial moved out of Cleveland, Weintraub said.

“Then that begs the question: ‘Well, where can he get a fair trial based on the circumstances?’ This is such a sensationalistic type case which has received international coverage.”

Castro has been jailed on $8 million bond.

Weintraub said Castro is despondent in his bare-bones cell – but Weintraub thinks people believe he’s got it too good under the circumstances.

“His day consists of remaining 24 hours a day in a room … that contains a metal bed, a very thin mattress that is covered in plastic. It has a metal sink and what appears to be some sort of a mirror,” Weintraub said.

He declined to comment on a jail suicide watch for Castro or jail guard reports that Castro has been sitting in his cell naked. Weintraub said he would have been alerted if going naked reflected a medical issue.

Castro has made it clear that he loves his 6-year-old daughter born to Berry, Weintraub said.

“I know that that seems to be irrational from the public perception standpoint, but he does indeed love her and is concerned about her future,” Weintraub said.

He said the issue of custody hadn’t been mentioned in discussions with Castro.

The girl was born Christmas Day 2006, delivered by Knight in a kiddie pool so the cleanup would be easy, police say. Knight told police she was ordered by Castro under threat of death to deliver the baby live.

Weintraub said the defense hadn’t researched issues raised last week when prosecutor Tim McGinty said Castro could face aggravated murder charges, and a possible death sentence, related to allegations that he impregnated Knight and forced her to miscarry at least five times by starving her and punching her in the stomach repeatedly.


Source: AP

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Lalleman says:

I always find it ironic that these depraved people who get caught start complaining about their rights & a fair trial etc. they NEVER gave their victims the rights we are afforded by the law, or a fair chance at life. It’s sickening. Ariel Castro should be sentenced to a lifetime of sexual assault, beatings & whatever else he did to those girls that we don’t know about yet. If you ask me, the death penalty is the easy way out.

Juana Pistolas says:

I bet lawyers are going to use the 911 call for evidence. The first time i heard that 911 call I can hear Amanda Berrys daughter crying in the background ” I miss my daddy” I miss my Daddy” ewww I got chills. She was crying for that monster but I guess thats all shes ever known. So later it was confirmed by Charles (the man that helped them) that she was crying for her daddy (ariel castro). I HOPE HE GETS DEATH!!!

hillbilleter says:

He’s going to force a multi-million $ trial?! Does he really think he’ll get a lesser sentence if he forces these women to testify or give statements? In what fairytale would he be the hero? He’s a real-life true VILLAIN! Does he not get that? Or is the atty looking at squeezing out some money from the state before he gets Castro the death penalty?

Juana Pistolas says:

I hate this shit~! Worried about a FAIR Trial!!! FAIR??? Was it FAIR what he did to these women??? is it fair they have been prisoned raped and tortured for 10 years!! Is it fair what their families have gone through!! how dare you plea NOT GUILTY you Filthy piece of TRASH! I dont give a rats ass about this man and his FAIR trial! What he did was monstrous!!! If anything he should plea for the DEATH PENALTY!!!


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