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Man accused of murdering Girlfriend in Dorm Room in Court for an Evidentiary Hearing

Clayton Whittemore, the 21-year-old accused of murdering his girlfriend in her dorm room, appeared in a New York State Supreme court for an evidentiary hearing Friday morning.

Alexandra Kogut, 18, a freshman at SUNY Brockport, was found bludgeoned to death in her college dorm room on September 29, 2012. According to police Whittemore admitted beating Kogut after an argument escalated over “silly things” and after hearing blood in her lungs he repeatedly smashed her head with a curling iron so the “woman he loved” would not suffer. Whittemore reportedly told police that he “just snapped.”

Friday’s hearing was to determine whether some evidence, including 911 calls and recorded interviews made by both Whittemore and his family will be admissible at trial.

Oneida County 911 dispatcher Frank McFall testified that Whittemore called 911 on the night of Kogut’s death and told him that he had “done something very bad” and wanted to turn himself in. McFall also said he received calls from Whittemore’s parents asking to help find their son.

Clayton Whittemore Mugshot Photo / AP
The officer who found Kogut’s body in her dorm room testified Friday that Kogut had an injury to the back of her head and that he found a broken iron nearby covered in blood.

Friday’s witnesses also included the New York State Trooper that arrested Whittemore and an investigator who interviewed him following his arrest.

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