Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Man gets probation in stalking of Jodi Arias commentators

simpsonPHOENIX (AP) – A New York man accused of threatening two TV commentators via Twitter over their coverage of the Jodi Arias murder trial in Phoenix was sentenced Monday to probation for his guilty plea to attempted computer tampering.

Authorities say David Lee Simpson, of Bath, was in New York when he sent the tweets, but Arizona asserted jurisdiction since the threats were made against people for conduct during their coverage of a case in Phoenix.

The TV personalities – Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell of Turner Broadcasting’s HLN network – were in Arizona at times covering Arias’ 2013 trial.

Arias was convicted in her former boyfriend’s death, but jurors deadlocked on her punishment.

A new jury has been hearing testimony over whether she should be sentenced to life in prison or death.

Source: AP

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DP4Jodie says:

You got me! I don’t see it either! Some Sick folks out there

lee c fairfax says:

what magic does this gal have that elicits so many weirdos out of the woodwork? I don’t see it.

Kno Won Uno says:

Seriously, it’s probably the “butt stuff”


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