Dr. Martin MacNeill

Martin MacNeill seeks new trial on murder charge

Martin MacNeill- Trial Nov-5-2013 / Pool Camera-StillSALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A sentencing next week for a Utah doctor found guilty of leaving his heavily drugged wife to die in a bathtub is being delayed as his lawyer fights to reverse the jury’s conviction.

Randy Spencer says in court papers that cellmates who implicated Martin MacNeill lied about what the doctor allegedly told them and about what they hoped to get from their trial testimony.

Spencer says one prison pal embellished his accounts with details picked up from cable TV coverage. According to the attorney, the same inmate won an early release from a federal prison where MacNeill served time for identity theft before his arrest on a murder charge.

Another inmate who spent time with MacNeill at Utah County jail testified the doctor bragged he was getting away with murder.

Prosecutors say they’re confident the conviction will stand.


Source: AP

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mcavanaugh says:

This from a former professional in a field of choice careers, who believes like ms.arias that they are geniuses and any,,every one else is handicapped in their expertises. Since no one can be as smart and learned as they truely believe they are ,,Therefore how dare anyone ever disbelieve what comes from there OWN WORDS, and challenge their defenses, the really sad reality is their victims ,will forever remembered as victims. Ask Mensa who they would defend. Just Can’t Fix STUPID AND WE HAVE JAILS FULL OF WHAT???? GENIUSES.



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