Krim Family Murders

Mental Health at Center of June Hearing for NYC Nanny Accused of Murdering Children

Yoselyn Ortega, Lulu Krim Photo /  Source: Livejournal.comYoselyn Ortega’s mental fitness for trial will the focal point of a June open court hearing, according to a judge at a brief hearing Tuesday morning in a Manhattan courtroom.

Ortega, 50, is the NYC nanny accused of murdering two young children in her care and then unsuccessfully attempting to kill herself. Lucia Krim, 6, and her brother Leo, 2, were found by their mother stabbed to death in their Upper West Side bathtub.

On Tuesday, Manhattan Superior Court Justice Gregory Carro scheduled a hearing for May 21 to discuss proposed witnesses and set a firm date for the June hearing.

Two court-appointed psychologists found Ortega fit for trial, but her defense attorney disagrees with that assessment. The June hearing will include testimony from several mental health experts.

UPDATE: The hearing to determine if Yoselyn Ortega is mentally fit for trial is scheduled for June 24.

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Cathy says:

Here we go again with these bottom of the barrel defense lawyers trying to blame it on mental illness. She killed them. Period she ‘attempted’ to kill herself. Well she just killed two babies yet she wasn’t able to kill herself. Did she forget how to kill after killing two innocents? It’s all b.s.. To bad New York doesn’t have the death penalty

sonja says:

R ya kidding me no death penelity didn’ know that! an what the hell! they, get to appeal for years the one case, they said she had been appealing for 20years that’s wanting to live
Pretty badly don’t ya think I waiting for one of these not to say I wrought misery on people
Kill me know, but never have.


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