Albrecht Muth

Muth’s trial not likely to begin until next year

Albrecht Muth, the 48-year-old charged in the murder of his 91-year-old wife Viola Drath may not go to trial for another year. Doctors have again reiterated that they believe he needs to be held at St. Elizabeth Hospital to undergo more testing, observation and evaluation before he is deemed fit to stand trial.

Muth, who has been a patient there since February, still maintains his bizarre story that he is a retired Iraqi war general and that his wife’s death was a hit ordered by Iranian agents. The judge stated that he believes the time in between arrest and trial is abnormally long and hopes to set a trial date for March 25th, 2013 at a hearing scheduled for September 6th.

Prosecutors have also requested permission to interview Drath’s family to gain more insight into Muth’s life and to help evaluate his current mental state.

Aashiq Thawerbhoy, Wild About Trial

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